Zinc Roofing

Construction materials explained: The ins and outs of zinc and zinc roofing
Zinc roofing is enjoying a renaissance at the moment. The metal is growing in popularity once again as many people are becoming aware of the virtues of metal roofing materials and the qualities of zinc in particular.

First of all let’s talk above the material itself. Zinc is a metallic chemical element. It is represented in the periodic table by the initials Zn and has an atomic number of 30. It is found as ore all over the world including places such as Australia, the USA and throughout Asia. Zinc roofing can either consist of the metal in its pure from, as was often the case when it was used in constructions in the Victorian period, or in alloys (mixtures of two or more metals) such as brass and nickel silver. It is also widely used in the electroplating of steel material so it is a versatile substance to say the least. Today zinc is commonly used in alley form in things such as aluminium or copper roofing. Zinc roofing is therefore inherently durable. It will last more like 50 years when alternatives like asphalt will not last half as long. Even roof tiles are only supposed to last for approximately 30 years. Consequently once zinc roofing is installed it is robust and does not need replacing for a very long time.

Zinc roofing is suitable for large scale building works such as schools and hospitals. It has a very good strength to weight ratio so is relatively easy to install and is reliably strong. Like other metal roofing materials it is naturally flame and spark resistant and does not generally require much maintenance. Zinc roofing also offers dependable protection against the elements such as hail and rain.

Where can I get zinc roofing from?

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