Wooden Doors – Important Information That Help You Make the Right Choice

Wooden doors are the eternal and universal favorites in the construction and architecture industry. There are several factors that work in favor of these doors. First, the appearance of wooden doors is very elegant. They look stylish and classy. Second, the designs and patterns you can create on wood are almost infinite. Third, weathered and seasoned wood is resistant to environmental conditions. So, the main door of your house, if made using wood, stays intact for centuries. However, before you choose a wood door for your home, you need to be aware of the basic details about them. Here is some useful information.

Types of wood

There are umpteen kinds of woods available in the market. You can choose a wood type depending on the color, hardness and visual appeal that you look for. For doors, softwood is the best option although using hardwood for external doors is recommended because they are more resistant to environmental factors. For interior doors, you can use soft wood varieties. Hardwood is generally used for flooring.

Some of the most popular hardwood options for doors are mahogany, teak and oak. In oak, there are two types - red oak and white oak. All these woods are very strong and weather well over time. Mahogany is available in shades ranging from creamy white to deep reddish brown.

Softwood options for doors are Alder knotty, Spanish cedar, ash and hickory. These woods come in varying shades of brown, cream and red. So, essentially, whatever the décor and type of interiors you have, you can find a wood door of suitable color and texture.

If you are looking for cheaper options, consider plywood doors.


The three standard conventional shapes of wood doors are round, arc and square. Round and arc shaped wood doors look similar because they have a curved top. However, round doors have a perfectly semi circular top while arc doors have a small arc at the top. For main external doors, round doors are used extensively because they look grand and artistic. Arc doors are often used indoors to add visual value and a new geometric element to a space. Square doors have a square or flat top. They are the most common kinds of doors.


Based on the structure of wood doors, there are different types such as double doors, single doors, sliding doors shutters and others. Double doors are used in two situations - first, if the door width is more, and second, if the area is restricted and does not allow for a single door swing. Main external doors of homes are usually double doors because they are wider than the other doors inside the house. The internal doors are usually single doors.

Sliding doors are used for specific functions and where there is lack of adequate place for swing. For example, doors of wardrobes, bathrooms and showers are usually of the sliding type.

When you choose a wooden door, you need to consider various aspects such as strength, style, decorative value, shape and color. The quality of wood used for doors should be excellent because doors are put to rough use on a daily basis.

Wooden doors, whether used for interior or exterior purposes, are the universal favorites in construction and architecture industry as they look elegant, stylish, classy, can withstand all environmental conditions and hence remain intact for centuries. Wilmok is one such supplier which deals in all types of wooden doors in Perth, Australia.


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