Why You Can Benefit From a Self-Storage Facility

Are you moving? Downsizing to a smaller home? Or are you looking to create more space in your existing home? Whatever your situation is, you can benefit from the use of a self-storage unit. Everyone has things they may not necessarily have room for in their homes but that they simply cannot, or don’t want to, part with. For those people, self storage can be the perfect option. Self storage offers the convenience of ready accessibility to your belongings with the peace of mind of knowing that they are safe and secure.

Who can benefit from self storage?

In short, just about everyone. For example:

Those who make a temporary move for work and don’t want to move their belongings into their temporary place

Homeowners who move out of their homes to take extended holidays

Business owners who need additional stock storage

Those who are downsizing into small homes and need temporary or long-term storage space

What you can store in self storage units

Virtually anything can be stored in a self storage unit. Depending on the size of the unit you rent, you can store just about anything. Small items such as important paperwork can be stored in a small unit and the largest units can hold things as big as a boat or even an RV. If you have something to store, chances are good you’ll be able to find a storage unit that will fit the bill.

The secure way to store

Skeptics often worry about the security of a self storage unit, particularly when they have important documents, valuable jewelry or irreplaceable family photos. Although nothing can be 100 percent burglar proof, self storage units take a variety of measures to ensure your belongings are as safe as they possibly can be. The use of heavy-duty cylinder locks, sophisticated alarm systems and comprehensive surveillance systems are just some of the safeguards a reputable self storage facility will take to keep your belongings safe.

The price of self storage

Many people who balk at the idea of self storage do so because they think they are expensive. Either that, or because they have fallen victim to the less-reputable storage company’s practice of charging a low introductory rate that is followed up by a significant rate hike in subsequent months. A reputable facility won’t do this. They’ll be upfront about their rates and about how often they raise their prices. Of course, the rental rate will be partially dependent on the size of the unit you need and on how long you intend to rent it. In many cases, the longer you need the unit for, the less you’ll pay on a month-to-month basis. You’ll also probably be required to pay a deposit on the unit upfront, so be prepared for that.
Indoor vs. outdoor

There are two types of storage units: indoor and outdoor. For those things that require a temperature-controlled environment, such as wood furniture, clothing and paper documents, an indoor unit is the answer. They provide protection from temperature fluctuations and environmental damage. Although they are more expensive than outdoor units (which are fine for things like vehicles housewares), indoor units are worth the extra expense to provide peace of mind for your precious belongings.

Self storage units can be a great solution when your belongings outgrow your available space. Companies like Tillamook Port Storage have the answer.

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