Why Choose Wooden File Cabinets?

No other material can make an office look as good, and the same can be said of wooden file cabinets. While some are made of solid and real wood, others are made of plywood or particle board with a wood finish. But no matter sizes and styles of these file cabinets, they still have a refined look to them that can not be replaced.

File cabinets can be have a wood finish in one of three ways. One way is for the whole cabinet to be made of solid wood. In wooden file cabinets, the sides and bottoms of the drawers that are made of wood have either grooves carved into the edges or metal rails screwed into the sides for files to easily hang from. These kinds of filing cabinets tend to be more expensive than others because to the craftsmanship and materials needed.

Some of the file cabinets with a wood finish are made from particle board or plywood. These are usually cheaper than cabinets made out of solid wood, but they do not last very long. The third choice is to have a metal-made file cabinet with wood facings on the top, sides, and drawer fronts on the outside. There is such a wide variety of stain-types and veneers available on the market that it is possible to get a file cabinet that exactly matches the other wood furniture in your office.

There are three primary types of file cabinets: cabinets in which the files face to the front, cabinets in which the files face to the side, and cabinets in which the files are flat. There are wooden file cabinets available in all three styles. Cabinets in which the files lie flat are often used for large files like maps, art, and blueprints. The drawers also tend to be very wide and shallow.

Cabinets that have the files face forward tend to stick out further from the wall than those in which the files face on their side. Cabinets in which the files face to the side tend to need more wall space than those in which the files face front. Your office area and layout will be one of the primary factors as to which style of cabinet is the best fit.

Many people feel that wooden file cabinets give an office a warmer, more enticing feel than metal filing cabinets do. The filing cabinet can be matched to other wooden decorations in the office, giving a very nice feel to the office decor. Cabinets made out of solid wood are almost always more expensive than the others, but also tend to be more durable and last longer than others materials. These filing cabinets can be found at most office supply stores and at some furniture stores as well, especially any one that specializes in making solid wood furniture.

Does your office need new furniture?? Find out how wooden file cabinets can help make your work area even better to look at.


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