Who to Hire When Building a New House

There are a number of experts and technical people you will need to hire as you go about your plans of constructing a new house. Each of these people has a very important and special role to play in the process of construction of the house.


This is one of the first people you need to approach because they will help you lay out the plan of your new house. There is usually a legal process you have to follow in order to be able to get legitimate architects and you need to be sure that you are dealing with a legitimate one at all times.

Plumber/ heating engineer

This is the person who will make sure that all the heating and plumbing is set up perfectly. They will make sure that you have the right system for both plumbing and heating and they will also ensure that the plumbing is within the requirements of the law.

The project manager

In the event that you have never taken part in any construction at all, you will need the project manager to head the construction bit. The project manager is a technical person who oversees activities to make sure that the work carries on smoothly. They know the budgeting and the allocation so they are the one who knows everything about the construction project.

Interior Designer

You might have your own plan and idea about how you want your house to look but this person will give you a more professional look at things. The interior designer will help you introduce the idea of color scheme as well as any kind of decor you might have in mind.

The builders and roofers

These are the people who actually do the manual work. They are the ones responsible for the complete construction of the new house as well as setting up of the roof. You need to make sure that you hire people who are experienced and technically “able” to do this work.


The electrician is the one who makes sure that the new house will have electricity running through it perfectly. This person also makes sure that there have been good precautionary measures put in place to ensure that there are no electric shocks or anything arising from a poor electrical system.

The structural engineer

The structural engineer is the person who is experienced and knowledgeable about the field of construction. They know everything about the prices of items and know where to get them. They often know where you can get these items at cheaper prices and where the quality items are to be found.

Painters, decorators and plasterers

When the construction is almost complete, the painters will have to begin their work as they go about putting final touches to the new house that has been constructed. They are usually joined by the decorators and the plasterers. These are the ones who give the house the finishing touch that will ensure that the house is very attractive and extremely nice looking.

It’s interesting fact that the Swedish term for new house is nya hus. To get even more information anad tips for finding the perfect construction company for you follow this link.

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