Which One Is Most Daunting – New Construction Or Refurbishment?

Surely the latter and let us see how. In a new construction of a building, particularly a commercial one in a densely populated business district, all which is wanted, is a site plan and blue print of the proposed construction. The team of construction crew can start work in the empty space made available to them, according to the blue print. Whatever they do is going to be a fresh one, and no one is going to compare their work with anything, existing there previously. In the case of Refurbishment, it is just the opposite and only professionals with a good length of experience in that job can take up and complete the same satisfactorily.

Commercial establishments like factories, multi-storied complexes, show rooms and offices must have a fresh look always, for being upfront in their niche of business. They can never be in a dilapidated condition, lest it will spoil their image in the market. Also they cannot construct them from scratch, every time the building needs a new look. So what they do is entrust the job of Refurbishment, in the hands of professionals available as Architects and Refinishing Services. In the western countries of Europe, including UK, this type of service providers is available as a separate Industry, to cater to the ever increasing demand.

If you look at the intricacies involved in carrying out Refurbishment Service to a commercial building, you will agree that the task is a hazardous one, with so many hurdles in between. The damage repair crew has before them a building which is already in existence, amidst a busy place of business, with people working in them and customers thronging the place. The building is in damaged condition and their task is to bring back the same to its original – as if newly constructed – condition.

The crew has to work in a time schedule from start to finish. They cannot afford to disturb the employees, customers or common public roaming about and carry on their work side by side. In any building taken for Refurbishment, the minimum work to be done includes Site Spraying, reconstructing the Suspended Ceiling and Glass Repair so that the whole building is brought back to tip-top condition again.

There are a lot of other hassles in this project of damage repair. To quote a few – the site spraying involves spray painting the walls, doors and reapers, and other polished surfaces, after removing the earlier coats of paints and color-matching done to bring back the original paint color.

As regards Suspended Ceiling, the work involves dismantling and re-installing Wall Angles, hanging suspension wires for main Tees, Cross Tees and Border Cross Tees as well as Ceiling Panels. Everything should be done while the building is still in use and avoiding noise-pollution, not to disturb others.

Similarly Glass Repair is a precarious job to climb to the top of the building walls, dismantle old and damaged glasses, bringing them back to the floor and installing new glass sheets in their panels. All the way, they should work from dangerous and precarious positions, which only experts in the field can handle.

All said and done, these Refurbishment service providers work out a magic in taking up the projects of Damage Repair, which by all means daunting than new construction.

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