What is Good Parenting?

Good parenting is not impossible, despite the fact that many parents often believe that it is an unattainable goal. Good parenting means knowing your children, and it means knowing where your children are. The measure of good parenting definitely changes through the child's lifetime, much like the measure of any other organic process. This is because children are always changing, and there are different responsibilities associated with parenting different aged children.

For example, good parenting of an infant can be measured by just looking at the baby in many instances. If the baby is clean and content, then the parent is probably doing a good job! Of course, a toddler who has skinned a knee after falling into a muddy puddle is not a product of bad parenting just because the child is dirty and crying. This example demonstrates how quickly the definition of good parenting can change.

Now, if a parent frequently sends a dirty child to school without ensuring that the child is clean and healthy - it could very well be a sign of bad parenting. Sure, every parent will at some point need to send their child to school with a less than perfect appearance. If a child falls in the snow and winds up with wet socks on the way to school, the staff is not likely to call the parent incompetent. But again, if the child consistently shows up for school in wet clothing there are going to be some questions on the part of the school.

Signs of Trouble

A child without a diagnosed medical or emotional problem, who continuously acts in a negative fashion, may be the result of bad parenting. There are cases where good parenting cannot help a troubled child to behave appropriately, but in most cases when there is not some underlying condition, the child should behave with direction from the parents.

Children who act out or disrespect themselves and others may be a sign of not so good parenting, because these children are often lacking the attention of the parents. When parents get involved and stay involved in the life of their children, the children will in turn act in a way that indicates good parenting.

Good parenting is something that anyone can learn, and the first step is to get to know the children. Learning what motivates your child, and learning their limits, will enable you to become good at parenting. Yes, it really is this simple. If a parent is willing to dedicate time in their day to just sit and talk with the child, good parenting will be the inevitable result.

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