What Are The Benefits Of Having Epoxy Floors Over Your Garage?

Nowadays, applying epoxy floor coating is the best method for improvement of the garage flooring. Basically, these days most of the people like this floor types for their garage, because of its robustness and durability. Garage is not confined to only shedding and parking of your vehicles, but different activities are executed with it. Such activities add additional pressure to the garage floors and so it accelerates the rate of deterioration.

Damages are possible on the flooring because of different chemicals and elements which gets spilled on the floors from time to time. In addition to this, grease may also get spread on the flooring, thereby spoiling the natural beauty of flooring and can lead to unwanted accidents such as skidding, slipping, etc which may result in fractures and bruises. So, the garage flooring must be such that it neglects all such accidents. There are different kinds of garage floors such as latex, polyurethane and epoxy. Usually, an Epoxy bond well along with the concrete and so result is that it is extremely durable and has hard surface that resists stains. Ensure that the floor is dust free prior to applying epoxy paint. Another option is polyurethane. The end result has a high gloss and is extremely durable. But, prior to applying this paint you need to apply an epoxy primer first to the garage floor. Then your next option is latex paint. This is regarded as one of the most inexpensive options in comparison to epoxy and
polyurethane. This paint needs minimum 72 hours for drying, but it provides an antique look and bear resemblance to stonework. Too much exposure to the sunlight may cause damage to your latex floor paint.

Among all the flooring options considered above, epoxy is the most appropriate choice since it is water-resistant, very easy for paint, easy for application and bonds very well with the seal and concrete. They are shinier and simple to clean and maintain. They are extremely durable, so they last for longer period of time with minimal renovations and repairs. In order to clean the floors, you simply need to use a mop and it is easily done. Apart from this, with epoxy it is simple and easy to eliminate oil stains and grease from the floor. So, it also protects from slipping off the floors since the stains can be eliminated easily. Apart from protection, it is as effective as a sealant that helps in concealing breaks and old cracks if any in the flooring.

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