Ways To Transform Your Homes Concrete Kitchens

Don't spend any time or money on replacing existing flooring when you can spend a lot less and have fun at the same time by refinishing your own concrete floors. It's relatively easy to do your own concrete floor finishes. And the fruit of your labor can turn out so beautiful that friends and family will tell you that they belong in a design magazine.

I'm not kidding, almost anyone can achieve great results with just a small amount of learning/work. You don't have concrete floors you say? Think again. Every house is built on a concrete slab, it only takes a little bit of work to uncover it, and then you can begin on your concrete floor finishes!

Cement offers durability and affordability for both exterior and interior hard surfaces and with various floor finishes, it can also turn into attractive surfaces that impart absolute beauty. And the best thing is you can do this for a very nominal cost! Decorative concrete floor finishes can range from the easily stained, or exposed aggregate to enhanced stamped patterns that can imitate the appearance of natural stone slabs, bricks, tiles, or even a variety of different woods!

Concrete floor finishes are extremely versatile, your imagination is your only limitation.

On the other hand, one of the most impressive effects is created when several concrete floor finishes are combined. In doing this, one should ensure that all of the elements like color, pattern and texture will relate to each and every other well. Here are some of the most typical concrete floor finishes, which includes ideas on how to combine them with other finishes:

Broom Finish- This technique is a widely used tried and true method for nice looking textured concrete floor finishes, and is easily accomplished by sweeping a broom across a wet concrete floor. You can alter the final result by altering the pressure on the broom to make it light or coarse.

For a lot more dramatic effect, you'll be able to use contrasting colors for the broom-finished area and the borders.

Stained or Colored Concrete Floor Finishes- this is usually created utilizing an acid-based stain that reacts chemically with the concrete to change its color composition. The colors produced are normally rich earth tones with a marbling effect. Stained concrete floor finishes will look good with various textured and patterned finishes. For instance, if you have a plain colored concrete floor driveway, it is possible to saw, cut or engrave patterns into it to make it additionally interesting.

Stamped Concrete Floor Finishes- this can be completed by pressing a stamp on newly-poured concrete to imprint a pattern or texture generally resembling natural materials like stone, slate, brick or tiles. Contemporary patterns include wood, marine life, plant life, and so many others such as customized stamps. Stamped concrete floor finishes have a 3D effect that produces an incredibly realistic glimpse. It is possible to add a band of stained concrete to a stamped cement walkway to develop a nice contrast of texture.

Stenciled Concrete Floor Finishes - This method makes use of tear resistant heavy paper stencils to make an imprint on wet concrete. These types of stencils are widely available and can create nice looking concrete floor finishes with little work or effort. An example of this technique is using brick stencils on a slate stained driveway or walkway. Also think how unique a border using a knot stenciled pattern over acid stained concrete floor finishes would do to the appearance of a room.

Concrete Floor Finishes Using Exposed Aggregate Materials- Many different methods can be used in this type of finish. Just think of exposed older concrete that has things like sand, stones or pebbles exposed and how beautiful it might look with concrete floor finishes of varying types. These can be truly unique in appearance. Generating stark contrast by utilizing this type of exposed aggregate next to smooth finished concrete can be breath taking.

These are just some of the things you'll be able to do with decorative concrete floor finishes. The initial step to designing that winning combination is to be familiar with all the various concrete floor finishes available.

Using your imagination and examples found online makes it possible to envision what can be achieved when you decide to try this for yourself. Also places like The Home Depot and other stores can give you great inspiration.

You can alter the final result by altering the pressure on the broom to make it light or coarse. Interior Concrete Floors You possibly can add stencil brick circles to a slate stained driveway or a border. The results can come together well and be truly awe inspiring.


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