Want To Enjoy A Great Outdoor Living Space? Learn How To Create Balance According To Feng Shui

Want to learn a little about how to easily create balance in your outdoor space according to basic feng shui principles, to help you start off in the right direction on creating a peaceful and desirable outdoor living space? This article will give you some easy to follow feng shui tips.

When you digest and follow these tips you’ll find that almost subconsciously you will start to understand what needs to be done in your specific space to start moulding it into a truly beautiful outside living space, by achieving balance.

Feeling And Creating Balance
Balance in the environment and home is central to practising feng shui, regardless of the school of thought. Some people have a natural ability to feel this balance, whereas others through understanding and practising it, can hone this skill over time.

In fact one interesting example of this is estate agents. Many estate agents, the vast majority of whom are not trained Feng Shui practitioners, have developed this natural ability. Think about how often they manage to present average properties in brochures and website photos so well that they seem far more attractive than they are in reality.

Some Important Questions To Ask
It is not possible to achieve balance in a cluttered outdoor space, so the very first step is to de-clutter it. Once this is done take a look at it again, asking the following questions:

-Does it feel like there are too many hard surfaces?
-Does it seem barren or lack in life?
-Is there a heavy silence in the air?

If you can answer yes to any, or all of the above questions currently your outdoor space has an imbalance and has too much yin energy. Yin energy is the nurturing, feminine energy. It is passive, silent, moist, soft and slow. Too much of it can lead to the feeling that energy cannot manifest properly; kind of like a frustrating lack of completion, like a person who interiorises too much and doesn’t create in real life according to their potential. A build up of negative yin energy will lead to blockages and obstacles for you and the other residents in your property.

A Simple Solution
However the good news is that this imbalance is easy to correct. Once you have de-cluttered, introduce colourful plants which are fresh and flowering. Tend to these over time also, ensuring that they are kept fresh and lively, and this small change will have an immediate positive effect on the outdoor space. A home which has a garden or outside space where the plants and flowers are lovingly tended will reflect a healthy energy. This energy resonates with vibrant, happy and prosperous chi (energy).

Lucky Enough To Have The Wood Element Already?
According to Feng Shui principles, there are five elements, very much in the same way as there is in traditional Chinese medicine. These five elements are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. These elements can work together productively or destructively. More about that later on in our series of articles.

Wood is unique in so far as it is the only one of the five elements which has a life of its own. This means that the wood element represents growth and happiness. Are you lucky enough to have the wood element in the outdoor space already, could be in the form of a tree or a smaller example would be a bonsai tree?

If you don’t, introduce it to bring the energy of happiness and growth. Have fun implementing these tips and enjoy the positive effecs in your outdoor living space. Check out the next article in our series which examines the importance of light and some easy ways to achieve great results.

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