Wall of Shelves

Wall of Shelves
Storage Garage
Built in shelving wall plays on the idea of cellular automata network, which transforms itself according to specific rules within a grid. At times the box shelves become windows, framing a select view.

Project Name: Laurelwood Avenue
Location: Studio City, California
Project Description: Addition over a garage. Conversion into guest house/office
Size: 350 sq.ft.
Jeremy Levine Design

A second story addition of 305 sq. ft. over an existing two-car garage.
The project consists of three components: a writer’s office, a painter’s studio, and a kid’s playhouse – all linked together by a switchback staircase. The second story office façade angles to capture the view of the San Fernando Valley. The façade’s gesture is echoed by the angled interior wall that slices through the office, separating the work area from the bathroom and storage.

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