Valeria Nascimento ‘Flora’

Valeria Nascimento 'Flora'
Event on 2017-05-31 10:30:00
Effortlessely beautiful and elegant, Nascimento’s artworks consist of 100’s of porcelain elements which
are arranged in powerful and cohesive compositions linking nature and abstraction in ethereal-seeming
formations. Through her work Nascimento translates the delicacy of the natural world into timeless,
organic, and contemporary ceramic artworks.
Nascimento has created work for luxury brands such as Chanel, Wedgewood, Tiffany and Co's stores in
London's Canary Wharf and Montreal, Canada, and for many interior designers. Her work hangs in
Somerset House, and has appeared as part of exhibitions at London's V&A Museum and the Museo
Historico Nacional in Río de Janeiro, Brazil.
“Growing up in Brazil, surrounded by exuberant nature, inspired me to embark on an artistic career. A
degree in architecture helped me to cement a certain visual language, an eye for detail and an
understanding of physical space.
"FLORA" is a celebration of nature itself which intends to take the viewer on a journey through different
visual botanical and peaceful landscapes. My aim is to create works that inspire, connect and touch in
an emotional way”. VALERIA NASCIMENTO

at Woolff Gallery
89 Charlotte Street
City of London, United Kingdom



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