Unique Real Estate Opportunities in New Orleans

There are few places in the United States with as rich and fascinating history as New Orleans, Louisiana. Real estate in the area is characterized by striking architecture and a blending of many styles, making the city an eclectic and charming mix of old and new.

Although the real estate market is currently in a downturn, it stills offers a unique opportunity to widen and balance your investment portfolio. There are also incredible deals on one of a kind properties that normally would be out of reach for many new homeowners.

For buyers on the market, New Orleans real estate has never been a better steal. These historical beauties are finally within reach of the average homeowner. The more unique the property is, the greater the chance for the home to retain and gain value throughout the years, even during times of economic hardships. Here are a few examples of the type of architectural wonders you might stumble upon during your home search:

Creole Cottages and Townhouses

These types of properties were built from 1788 to the mid 1800’s and are located mainly near the French Quarter. Cottages are small but quaint, usually a single story with a steeped roof and a modest front porch. The townhouses are similar except rise two to four stories. Balconies are commonly spotted only on second or third floors.

Double-Gallery House

This type of home first appeared around 1820. Its striking facade is characterized by 2 levels of dramatic columns that create the galleries located in front. These are most commonly found in the Garden District.

Shotgun House

These are some of the most unique and charming-looking homes available in New Orleans. They are generally a single floor and have a narrow frame, making them appear like miniature houses from the front. They often have small porches and a roof that extends over it, held up by decorative columns.


These homes are located mainly in the Garden District, Esplanade Ridge, and in a few other areas around New Orleans. Real estate of this type is notable for being raised up to eight feet above the ground on a support system of bricks. Like many other architecture styles, columns play a predominate roll on decorating the house face.

These real estate gems can often easily gain value with some minor renovations and modern updates on the interior. Even for real estate investors, New Orleans offers opportunities to create a reasonable profit in a struggling economy. The vibrancy of Louisiana continues to attract potential home buyers and renters.

With many new construction projects underway, there are also opportunities to invest in commercial real estate and rental units such as condominiums and apartments. These hold their value well and provide a steady stream of income.

The stunning and unique architecture of New Orleans, combined with a rich history, makes local real estate both profitable and appealing. If you want to invest in a piece of American history, or simply live in one, New Orleans is a prime location and has numerous opportunities for both investors and new home buyers.

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