Understanding Airport Based Business Procurement

Understanding Airport Based Business Procurement
Event on 2017-09-15 09:30:00
Presenters; David Gill & Charlie Cooper, Marco Airport Facilities (Gatwick) Ltd  Paul Williams, Omni-Serv From a painter and decorator foreman working for housing developers and building contractors, David Gill went on to supervising minor refurbishment and building works at Gatwick airport before working his way up to managing director at TH Kenyon & Sons PLC. David joined Marco, a highly acclaimed provider of construction projects and maintenance services for the UK’s biggest airports in 2001 as MD. He has been instrumental in growing the company – in fact, over the last 15 years he has increased their client base by an impressive 900 per cent, while turnover has grown from £500,000 to £11 million. Charlie Cooper has been working in construction at Gatwick Airport for over  15 years. Having progressed from a project support role to Marcos Senior Project Manager, he is responsible for 5 project managers and over 80 operatives, as well as running his own projects. Paul Williams commenced his career in aviation with Gatwick Handling in 1989 as a cargo warehouseman in the busy Gatwick operation. After two years he transferred into the office side of the business and moved up through the ranks, eventually managing the entire cargo operation. Paul moved from cargo handling into the commercial side of the business dealing with passenger, ramp and cargo business development activity on behalf of the company. In 2004 he moved up to Heathrow working for sister company Plane Handling and became Commercial Director in 2008. Paul joined OmniServ in September 2016 to set up the Norwegian ground handling operation which successfully commenced in December 2016. In January 2017 Paul took on his current role as Head of Business Development for OmniServ, responsible for all business development activity within the UK. With over 70 years’ experience between them in the airport industry, providing strategic, implementation and delivery management roles, David, Charlie & Paul can offer attendees expert advice and knowledge in all aspects of airport activities. Attendees of this seminar will discover; Details around local supply chain What is required from an Airport supplier What it takes to be a supplier at Gatwick Top Tips for new suppliers

at Welland Medical Ltd
Hydehurst Lane
Crawley, United Kingdom



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