U.S. Maritime Construction Shipyards Expertise

Over the years, LEEVAC Shipyards, a US maritime construction shipyard, has diversified our field of expertise to serve the needs of a number of maritime-related industries including the oilfield, gaming, fishing and more.

We have designed, constructed and repaired a wide variety of vessels and barges, including the following:

Barge Vessel Construction: LEEVAC Shipyards has designed and constructed many types of barges including inland, oceangoing, casino, OPA 90 manned and unmanned tank barges, as well as oceangoing tank barges. Our experience in manufacturing oceangoing tank barges is extensive, and includes single and double hull oil tank barges with features including cargo transferring systems, vapor monitoring systems and heating coil systems. These barges are all oceangoing ABS class and range in size from 20,000 barrels up to 135,000 barrels. It should be noted that 2015 is the final year in which single skin barges can be used to carry petroleum products.

LEEVAC has the capabilities and expertise to manufacture oceangoing tank barges that will meet the increasingly complex and strict regulations of OPA 90.

Tug Boat & Workboat Construction: The types of tugs and workboats constructed by LEEVAC Shipyards over the years include those specifically designed for ship docking and ship escorting, as well as for towing oceangoing barges. Our company has also designed and constructed push-boats for pushing barges up and down inland waterways. In addition, LEEVAC Shipyards has the capabilities to design and build ASD tugs (Azmuthing Stern Drive, also known as Z-drive) as well as tractor tugs, which are quickly replacing conventional shaft-driven tugs in the offshore tug market.

Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) Construction: The design and construction of offshore supply vessels is the core of LEEVAC’s business. We have designed and built a wide variety of offshore support vessels (OSV), platform support vessels (PSV) and tug supply vessels. Throughout the years, offshore supply boats have become increasingly larger and more complex. LEEVAC has the expertise and capabilities to construct these vessels to meet all regulations and safety requirements as well as the unique needs of our customers.

Oilfield Specialty & Research Vessels: LEEVAC has designed and constructed a wide range of unique specialty vessels including remote operated vehicles (ROV), research vessels, acidizing vessels, seismic vessels and well-stem vessels.

Casino / Gaming and Excursion Vessel Construction: LEEVAC has designed and constructed more than 15 casino vessels of all sizes ranging from paddlewheels to barge vessels and swath vessels. In addition, our company built the first casino riverboat in Louisiana in 1991 — and we have constructed more casino vessels than any of our competitors. In addition, we have designed and constructed dinner cruise passenger vessels and overnight cruise barges (river excursion vessels).

Commercial Fishing Vessel Construction: The expertise of LEEVAC Shipyards includes the design and construction of commercial fishing vessels. Our company has manufactured pogy boats for International Protein and has also built Alaskan trawlers.

Government / Military Vessel Construction: LEEVAC has designed and constructed U.S. Coast Guard patrol boats. LEEVAC has also designed and constructed vessels for U.S. Military Sealift Command.

If you have questions or would like any additional information about our new vessel construction services, please feel free to visit any of our maritime construction facilities or US shipyards anytime.

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