Types of Chemical Cleaners For Your Spa

Having your very own spa can be fun and give you hours of relaxation. However, you have to maintain it if you want it to last for a long time. Keeping your spa clean is vital for your health and will ensure that your spa serves you well for many years. You can do this simply by sanitizing your spa regularly. Sanitizers kill harmful bacteria that grow in warm water.

However, this is all easier said than done. A clean hot tub is possible only with the right types of chemicals. Even then, scum may develop from time to time. Scrum is composed of a number of hard water elements and foreign materials that stick to the walls and floor of your spa. So how do you get rid of the scum? What chemicals should you be using? Here’s the types of chemicals that are available your local stores:

Chlorine is a popular sanitizer which is used in pools that comes in different concentrations. Hot tub owners have a choice of chlorine tablets or granules that are used specifically for hot tubs.

Bromine can be purchased as tablets, nuggets or granules. One form called sodium bromide is activated when mixed with an oxidizer like chlorine or potassium monopersulfate. Another type is called BCDMH which is a self-activating combination of chlorine and bromine. Many prefer bromine over chlorine since the former is an effective sanitizer that doesn’t smell as bad as the latter. It has a wide range of pH levels and is often distributed through a floating feeder or cartridge system.

Biguanide is a non-chlorine, non-bromine product that destroys harmful organisms by attacking the cell wall. The elimination of organics is done using a hydrogen peroxide-based oxidizer that burns organic matter and keeps the water clear. Compared to chlorine or bromine, this chemical has fewer odors and doesn’t gas off at spa temperatures.

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