Turbonegro – Special Education

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    • avatar citizen57 2

      A song about banging your teacher? Not a lot of punks can relate. I miss Hank.

      • avatar Peter Parker 1

        Nice booty 😍😍😍

        • avatar Mind Control 1

          when new album?

          • avatar Marcelo Medeiros 1

            New music?

            • avatar javi benitez garcia 1

              Después de escucharla varias veces, creo que es un buen tema.
              Especialmente para escucharlo en directo.

              • avatar NastyMcOutplay 1

                this songs like dr rock by ween at some points

                • avatar TheRomanese 1

                  God, why? :'(

                  • avatar sIcKbOy 1

                    well yea they went full pop… rip turbonegro…

                    • avatar lignjoslavakagreenre 2

                      this rules.

                      • avatar Eric Dahl 1

                        this is so fucking terrible. this can't be my trbngr. no way.

                        • avatar Jon Stone 1

                          I love Turbonegro, but I think this song would be better if they cut out the first 20 seconds
                          with the acapella choir and the church organ music. It sounds too much like pop music.
                          Turbonegro is known for blazing guitars, raunchy lyrics, and an edgy deathpunk sound.
                          They should stay away from a pop music sound.

                          • avatar luis angel trives rapado 1

                            what is this crap?

                            • avatar Daniel Freire 1

                              best cover art! 😀😀

                              • avatar Banshees MC 1

                                I love turbonegro but this song and hot for niezche both sucked ass. ever since they got their new keyboard player crown prince they have been going downhill from death punk to 80s pop bullshit. for all you who complained about the sexual harassment album I would take 10 albums like that before an album filled with garbage like this. smh

                                • avatar Paul Action 1

                                  Well Satan must have a great sense of humour.

                                  • avatar Simone Ottolini 2