Trend in Housing Plans and Designs in India – Focus On Comfort and Optimum Space Utilization

With extensive growth in their foresight the interior home designers in India are making some innovative changes in the trend in housing plans and designs in India.

Over the years interior designers of homes in India have come through great deal of evolutions. In result they have been coming up with some great and innovative Indian house plan designs by combining Indian heritage with western culture.

Evolution of Indian House Plans
Interior designers in India are growing consistently and they always try to give their best to the country and clients. However, their working pattern and design features have undergone significant changes in recent years.

Modern Trends in India
Modern trends in Housing Plans and Designs in India have the following features.
* All along the designers have been able to maintain their originality.
* Yet they have also been influenced by western culture in interior decorative designs and home designing.
* In essence; their works have mostly been an innovative combination of both types of architecture.

Different Types of Designs
Mixing best elements of different types of architectural designs the Indian home and interior designers have been able to put in place some innovative designs in respect of both interior designs as well as overall home designs. Major types of designs that are trendy in the field of Indian house interior design can be summed up as follows.
* Mixing of natural elements with artificial materials and components to create trendy architectural designs.
* Oriental architectural designs.
* Western architectural designs.
* Dravidian architecture.
* North Indian architecture.
* An innovative mix of various types of architecture and house interior designs.

Maintenance of Indian Heritage
In all these; the designers have been able to maintain the Indian heritage in their designing process all the times. At the same time, many of them have made very good use of western decorative patterns. It is not only the permanent structures made with brick, concrete, steel or stone etc that have been paid adequate attention but the designers have taken care of everything from curtains through drapes as well as the wooden and other furniture used in the Indian house interior design. Add to this the excellent ideas used by the designers in wall hangings and paintings for interior designing of spacious homes and rooms and one has to appreciate the efforts that are usually put in by the Indian interior decorators and designers in achievement of the goal of making the home look trendy as well as unique in nature.

Effective Space Management
However the most important ingredient in course of preparing housing plans and designs in India is effective space management. Though homes in India are not yet as space constrained as in some of the highly advanced western countries yet the problem is gaining intensity over the passage of time. A couple of reasons for this are the population explosion coupled with industrialization and rapid urbanization of the people.

Indian designers and interior decorators have proved to be very successful in appropriate space management for creating innovative and attractive Indian house plan designs. However the issue remains one of the major challenges for taking freedom in designing of homes especially in cities and towns in the country.

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