Top Garage Organizational Products

No two garages are exactly the same, but most garage owners tend to face similar problems when it comes to storing items in the garage, and keeping the space clean and well-organized. Whether your garage is large or small, it is likely that you will find some, or all, of the following garage organization products to be very useful.


When it comes to garage organization, good shelving is one of the best organization investments that you can make. With proper shelving, you can take advantage of all of the vertical space in your garage. Since most garage space is reserved for one or more cars, you usually are forced to make the best out of using as much wall and ceiling space as possible. Good shelving can help to maximize the sometimes limited amount of space you are working with.

Free standing garage shelves are ideal for this purpose. They can conveniently be moved around the garage to any position you desire. While fixed shelves are great and will work just the same to organize and house your various items, if you want shelves that can be repositioned easily and quickly, free standing shelves are a more practical option.

Storage Cubes:

Stackable storage cubes are another great storage option that will help you use up the empty vertical space in your garage. These durable PVC plastic cubes are portable, stackable, and have easy-open doors that can work to keep all your items out of sight and your garage looking tidy. These fantastic eighteen inch cubes can hold any of your necessary items, and the durable construction keeps everything dry and in good condition.

Fishing Equipment Storage:

Many people will tell you that fishing is the perfect sport. It is both relaxing and exciting, and it is a wonderful way to enjoy quality time with friends and family. What is not necessarily all that wonderful is having to find a place in your garage to store all of your fishing equipment.

A sturdy, wooden, rolling fishing rod rack is the perfect way to organize your fishing equipment. The rack can hold up to twelve fishing rods securely and in an upright position. The rack also includes a drawer and side-mounted hooks to keep other fishing supplies in perfect condition. It is mounted on four sturdy casters which enable the entire piece to roll smoothly wherever you want to place it. Best of all, its upright storage makes good use of vertical space, and the rack has a remarkably small footprint, so it fits well into small spaces.

Sports Equipment Storage:

If your entire family is heavily into sports, storing all of your accompanying sports equipment can definitely become a problem in your garage. Fortunately, there is the sports garage EZNET to help organize everything from balls to bats. The EZNET is made from sturdy industrial-strength netting and can hold up to fifty pounds worth of sports equipment, or any other items you may want to store. The EZNET is wall-mounted making it perfect for any garage, especially those where floor space is scarce. Its see-through construction makes it ideal for other rooms in the house too. Opt for storing toys in your children's bedrooms, or use it as a wall-mounted hamper for the laundry room.

Wall-Mounted Tool Organizers

Garden tools such as rakes, brooms, forks, spades, and shovels are easy to store with a sturdy wall-mounted tool organizer. Hold all of your large equipment pieces securely in the one place with a heavy duty tool hanger that can hold up to one hundred pounds in weight. With a polyester powder-coat finish, it is weather resistant and easy to install.

With a wall-mounted or portable hose organizer, hoses are easy to store as well. This handy-dandy organizer keeps the entire length of the hose neatly coiled to prevent bends and breaks or punctures. For extension cords, the Reel-A-Cord is the ideal solution. It is fully portable and can be wall-mounted as it holds up to 175 feet of extension cord.

Trash Can Organizers

Taking out the trash will no longer be a dreaded chore with the trash can trolley. This easily portable trolley can carry up to 250 pounds of weight and can hold up to two trash cans. With its sturdy construction and easy-rolling wheels, it is perfect for taking the trash out without any strain on your back, legs, or arms.

For the Car

Items for the car can, in turn, help you keep the garage organized too. The Park N' Place, a reliable item that helps you park in the right spot every single time. The Park N Place features a portable base with a flexible rod and light that flashes when your car bumper makes contact with the rod. With this item in your garage you can easily park in exactly the right place without having to worry about hitting garage walls and storage organizers.

Shannon McCoy is a freelance writer who writes about home organization often focusing on a specific kind of item such as garage organizers


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