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    • avatar dresdoholic 1

      what city in 3rd clip? please someone!

      • avatar Nikolai loesch 2

        Hell nah

        • avatar ToastTen 1

          Look at these guys, doing for adrenaline but recording their stuff? …. with Canon Cameras, what i suppose think about em??? they are like emo guys looking for attention, what is funny, you are wasting your life climbing private buildings, that´s is illegal and a crime… but the people say: "WOW ITS COOL", and when they die or be jailed it will be funny too… so sad.

          • avatar 윤성준 1

            little crazy?

            • avatar PuzzleMeister 2

              Roofing ist cool.

              • avatar AlphaCen34 2

                Totally idiotic stuff. I don't get it.

                • avatar Korea Nїnja 2

                  Put my video in.😂😂😂

                  • avatar Dragon xXLordXx 0

                    music at 1

                    • avatar Schwarz Weiß 1

                      second song?

                      • avatar Cute Monster123 1


                        • avatar Baldger GAME 1

                          soo cute

                          • avatar ertert ertert 1

                            natural selection at work…
                            this dumb bs would not exist if there were no action cams….attention whores, very needy and uncool, guys

                            • avatar Tuomuli 1

                              Learn to fucking spell idiot.

                              • avatar The Ice Mob 2

                                all roofmans from Ukraine

                                • avatar Timevolent Is back 1

                                  How stupid can someone be to do that??

                                  • avatar von Luft 2

                                    seems to be an unsafe hobby but maybe i'm wrong