Tips on Working with a Calgary Interior Designer

Some people think that hiring a Calgary interior designer should be based purely on one’s “”aesthetic standards””. They have this misconception that interior designers only plan the “”look”” of a place, and that homeowners who already have a vision for their space need not hire an interior designer. The reality is that a Calgary interior designer helps to realize one’s vision. Interior design is so much more than producing a certain “”look””. It’s a skill and an art because your interior designer will have to bring even the unattractive (wiring and plumbing) details of the design plan together. A good interior designer knows how to balance function with good looks, and this balance can easily be upset when one tries to do things without a pro.

Getting things started

Before looking for a directory of good interior designers, you must first decide on how you want your space to look. If you don’t have a vision yet, sit down with every one whose opinions matter (your family or your spouse) and list all the things that must go, and all the things that must stay in a room. What colors would you like as a “”main color”” of your space? Would you prefer subtle designs or bolder colors? What ambiance are you going for? Based on these things, look for a good Calgary interior designer who is most likely to work well with your plans. Ideally, the interior designer you’re hiring is accredited by the American Society of Interior Design.

Find out costing schemes

You should also know how your preferred interior designer wants to get paid. This could decide whether you can afford the service or not. For a Calgary interior design, some charge per hour. Others have a flat rate, or take a percentage off the total project cost. These fees might seem hefty, but sometimes it is worth it. Aside from the expertise of your interior designer, you are also paying for the network of vendors and contractors working to make your space perfect. To avoid surprises, ask your interior designer to keep the cost within your budget. A good designer will even tell you if your project is too big for the resources you have on hand.

Make the style work

For the best Calgary interior design on your home or shop, you must make sure that the marriage between your style and the interior designer you’re hiring is sound. Ask for samples of his or her works before actually hiring. Some interior designers can easily shift from rustic to polished, but they have a harder time working with other “”palettes””. So decide whether you’re more of a minimalist, or if you would like to work with someone with a bolder vision.

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