Tips For Applying Feng Shui in the Garden

Feng Shui comes from the Chinese culture. When you talk about Feng Shui in the Garden, you need to keep in mind three important things and these are pond, pool, and fountain. It is important for you to place any of these things in the center of your garden. It is believed that any body of water, whether artificial or natural, can really help to increase the good Chi energy within the house or the garden. It is important to remember that the water should flow and avoid being stagnant because it can attract all the negative energies within your garden or home. According to Feng Shui principles, the best location for a home is near a brook, small hill or a home located near a small river. Anything that is connected to nature and water will attract good energy or the Chi.

It is beneficial to make an effort to beautify the view from the window to make it more attractive because it can help good vibesand energy to come into your home. Your garden should be arranged in an order which is very welcoming to you and to your guests. There are things that might disrupt the overall view of your garden like having bike, garbage can, and tools. These things may disrupt the flow of the positive energy within your home. It is helpful if you will put a bench right after your entrance door because it is practical as well as attractive. If you have a harmonious place in front of your home, it will invite the Chi and will aid in good flow of the Chi to your garden into your home.

A nice Feng Shui Garden should have some herbs, and shrubs of berries within. You need to take time to decide which tree you are going to place inside your garden. Anyone that will enter your home or garden will feel the affection brought by a tree. If you want to feel recharged everyday right after your work, it is best to place a bench under your tree and sit, it will surely recharge your energy.

Your garden should have a protected area. This is for you to create a beautiful landscape scene. You need to set some boundaries to avoid others from destroying your landscape area. You can put a high wall or small hedges to hide it from prying eyes. You can perceive the garden using your senses. The use of colorful flowers and the great smell of herbs will make your garden inviting only for visitors, but also inviting for good energy. Each element that is located within your garden has their own role in bringing joy and peace inside your home.

If you will let your garden be dominated with lots of flowering plants, herbs and trees, you will personally like and enjoy its view. The addition of light at night can also make your Feng Shui garden extraordinarily beautiful.

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