Tiny House Appliances & Stuff

Tiny House Appliances & Stuff

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  1. Melanie Santos Melanie Santos

    I like your house. Im not a spacious person i like this house . 🙂 It's a kinda japanese style! Ilove it! new subscriber here from Philippines 🙂

  2. berrycrunch berrycrunch

    sweet couple, awesome home

  3. Kevin Russom Kevin Russom

    your house is beautiful thanks for sharing

  4. Christina Christensen Christina Christensen

    elizabeth, is going to live out in the sticks

  5. abbaby555 abbaby555

    you and your wife built a beautiful home, my wife and I will be starting construction on ours very soon

  6. Austin Davidson Austin Davidson

    This video is so helpful I've been looking for videos like this for weeks! I needed to find kitchen appliances for weeks and now I have finally found the right video! Thanks so much!

  7. Broken Nose Broken Nose

    Really loved it!

  8. craigjkb craigjkb

    Lovely home thinking of going this way as a home.. i will sub to you 😊

  9. jbear allen jbear allen

    Hi! This the first video that I have seen from you so I don't now if you have answered these questions in any others BUT…
    I am very interested in building my own tiny house and I was wondering what your situation is on internet/wifi? I want an option that will allow wifi for city/rural areas. Have anything in mind?:) Also, love your house! Looks so spacious and cozy. This helped to give me a better idea of stores that sell items small and efficient enough for what I hope to be my future home! Thank you, and I hope to hear back soon:)

  10. Hyper Minimalist Hyper Minimalist

    Very very cool. We're a family of five so a tiny house like that definitely wouldn't work. but, I'm jealous all the same. 🙂

  11. Saturn Inc Saturn Inc

    what a lovely place, what a lovely home, what a lovely funny light adorable couple you are; and you seem so incredibly happy, and so madly in love. Was wonderful to watch you and I will go check out some more videos of yours… thanks!


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