Tiny House Appliances & Stuff

Tiny House Appliances & Stuff

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    • avatar Melanie Santos 2

      I like your house. Im not a spacious person i like this house . :) It's a kinda japanese style! Ilove it! new subscriber here from Philippines :)

      • avatar berrycrunch 1

        sweet couple, awesome home

        • avatar Kevin Russom 2

          your house is beautiful thanks for sharing

          • avatar Christina Christensen 1

            elizabeth, is going to live out in the sticks

            • avatar abbaby555 1

              you and your wife built a beautiful home, my wife and I will be starting construction on ours very soon

              • avatar Austin Davidson 1

                This video is so helpful I've been looking for videos like this for weeks! I needed to find kitchen appliances for weeks and now I have finally found the right video! Thanks so much!

                • avatar Broken Nose 2

                  Really loved it!

                  • avatar craigjkb 1

                    Lovely home thinking of going this way as a home.. i will sub to you 😊

                    • avatar jbear allen 1

                      Hi! This the first video that I have seen from you so I don't now if you have answered these questions in any others BUT…
                      I am very interested in building my own tiny house and I was wondering what your situation is on internet/wifi? I want an option that will allow wifi for city/rural areas. Have anything in mind?:) Also, love your house! Looks so spacious and cozy. This helped to give me a better idea of stores that sell items small and efficient enough for what I hope to be my future home! Thank you, and I hope to hear back soon:)

                      • avatar Hyper Minimalist 2

                        Very very cool. We're a family of five so a tiny house like that definitely wouldn't work. but, I'm jealous all the same. :)

                        • avatar Saturn Inc 2

                          what a lovely place, what a lovely home, what a lovely funny light adorable couple you are; and you seem so incredibly happy, and so madly in love. Was wonderful to watch you and I will go check out some more videos of yours… thanks!