Thrive Combined Evening – Redpath Construction, CuanTec & Greggs

Thrive Combined Evening - Redpath Construction, CuanTec & Greggs
Event on 2017-08-24 17:00:00
Meet with members and visitors from Thrive Networking's Energy, Property, Hospitality and Professional Services clubs for an evening of inspiring talks and facilitated networking.  Delegate introductions will be followed by our speaker presentations and networking in the relaxed setting of the The Sheraton Hotel. Drinks and canapes are included. BOOK online or CALL 0131 526 3104 This month we are welcoming: Derek Clark, Construction Director, Redpath Construction ; Cait-Murray Green, CEO, CuanTec and Raymond Reynolds, Retail Director, Greggs  Derek has over 27 years' experience within the Construction Industry operating in all sectors and fields, at a national and international level.  Derek started Redpath Construction during the credit crunch in 2008. The company quickly established itself and became the 3rd fastest growing company in Scotland, turning over £35m since its inception.  Redpath have a dynamic company, boasting a team of directors each with a wealth experience in the industry. Redpath focus on delivering projects across the Commercial, Education, Industrial, Healthcare, Retail, Conservation and Community sectors from 20k to £6m. CaunTec is the latest start-up from Strathclyde University, opening its lab in January 2017. CuanTecis working on new products which will help to solve the world's problem of landfill and food waste by taking the inedible bits of langoustine and turning it in to food packaging that makes fresh food last longer.  Cait has been involved with CuanTec since its inception and is highly skilled in the commercialisation of science and technology. She is a research scientist who has moved through product development, sales and business development roles. With 1,700 shops, 9 regional bakeries and 20,000 employees who serve millions of customers each week, Greggs in the UK's leading bakery food-on-the-go retailer.  Raymond joined Greggs in retail management in 1986. As General Manger during the 1990's, he built a significant new business for the Company in the Edinburgh region, and was appointed Managing Director for Scotland in 2002. Thrive Networking is a unique business to business networking organisation who through structured and facilitated relaxed meetings ensure that our members and guests capitalise their experience and gain valuable introductions and grow their business networks. Book today to join our sector specific membership clubs and increase your ROI.    Book online or call 0131 526 3104 **When placing your order, please make sure to put in the details of the person who will be attending the event. 

at Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa Edinburgh
1 Festival Square, Edinburgh, EH3 9SR
Edinburgh, United Kingdom



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