Three Simple Lighting Types to Achieve an Attractive House

The basic types of lighting for your home include general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. These types of lighting are used in certain parts of your house and are necessary to perform different tasks and activities efficiently.

Putting the correct lighting in the right place will make your home more efficient and brighter. These are the three primary types of home lighting, and the uses of each:

Common Lighting

General, or ambient, lighting includes lights that are used to illuminate a whole room and take the place of the sun’s lighting. These lights are usually diffused, providing you with a comfortable degree of brightness so you can move in and about the room easily. Instances of general lighting fixtures include the following.


These wall-mounted fixtures are great for illuminating areas like bathrooms and bedrooms.

Lamp fixtures. These lights are directed towards the ceiling, diffusing the light to brighten the room. Representative samples consist of chandeliers with face towards ceiling.

Architectural lights These are architectural lighting fixtures with several functions, such as diffusing light in the room with valance lights placed behind a valance.

Task lighting

Task lighting provides specific lighting for particular activities at home, including cooking, eating, reading, sewing, and other tasks. The most common task lighting fixtures include the following:

Pendants. These are lighting fixtures that hang from the ceiling, often in dining rooms, for food preparation and eating purposes.

Lighting fixtures. Lamps are generally used for reading. Either tables or floor lamps are available for you to use.

Sconces. If you need a light to help you perform a specific task (e.g. applying make-up at your bathroom mirror) a sconce light is a good type of fixture to use.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is a form of illumination that highlights for dramatic effect decorative elements such as pictures, sculptures, and plants. Focusing on the walls and windows can give that part of the room a more dramatic look. Accent lighting can make your garden look impressive, especially around a grotto or a pond. To make your accent lights more effective, they should be much brighter than the general lighting in the room. Here are well known accent lighting fixtures.

Provide an area where lighting fixtures can be displayed. Paintings, sculptures or other decorative items are highlighted by using these small spotlights.

Recessed lighting fixtures. Fixtures like this are mounted in the ceiling and aimed at a specific object in the room. Recessed lighting fixtures often have a swivel action that allows you to change their focus when a room is rearranged.

Track lighting fixtures. The lights mentioned are good substitute for show lights as well for recessed lights. Halogen or fluorescent lighting is used on certain art displays, particularly sculpture and wall frames beyond a certain size.

LED step lights. These lights are especially useful and dramatic on pathways in the garden,otherwise called pathway lights and aisle lights. These types of lights are perfect for stairways or even as night lights in your hallways.

Many decorative lighting systems are available at home furnishing shops that will perform one or more different lighting functions. The advantage with Architectural lighting fixtures is that they provide ambient light apart from serving as decorative items.

Please visit this site to obtain more information about architectural lighting and other decorative lighting systems:

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