Things to do in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland
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What to do in Reykjavík. There are endless things to do in Reykjavik, but here´s a list of the top ten experiences you can´t miss when visiting Reykjavik!

1.Eat cheap
Eat a hot dog from Baejarins Beztu hot dog stand, where there´s always a line and many tourists agree its probably the best hot dog in the world.

2.Go swimming in Reykjavik
Go swimming in a public pool, getting naked with the locals in the shower and enjoying a soak in an outdoor hottub even if its -5° outside. And for only 550ISK, its probably the cheapest spa treatment you can buy!

3.Visit the Church of Hallgrim
Take the elevator to the top of Hallgrimskirja, and check out the panoramic view of downtown Reykjavik.

4.Reykjavik Nightlife
Party until 5 am in the morning on Laugavegur, when all the lights come on and drunk partiers pile out onto the street to find their way back home. And check out this article on Nightlife and mating if you want to get lucky doing it!

5.Eat disgusting Icelandic food
Try some rotten shark, hákarl, and chase it with a shot of Brennivin, Iceland´s very own black death schnapps.

6.Eat a whale
If you´re not a vegetarian or working with the Sea Shepherd, take advantage of the opportunity to try some whale meat. You can buy minke whale kebabs at Sægrefinn seafood restaurant in the harbor.

7.Go whale watching
Get up close and personal with some (living) whales on a whale watching tour from the harbor. If youre here at the right time of year, you´ll also be lucky to get some puffin photos.

8.See the Northern lights
Iceland is the best place to experience the northern lights. See them even from downtown Reykjavik, or take a walk to Seltjarnarnes or a super jeep tour to see them without any light pollution.

9.Shop in Reykjavik
Get your extreme wear outdoor gear from one of Iceland´s many outdoor clothing companies. You can find 66° North, Cintamani, Zo-on and Ice Wear all within a few blocks on Laugavegur shopping street

10.Visit the Reykjavik flee market
If you´re here over a weekend, go to Reykjavik´s very own Flea market Kolaportið to buy a hand knitted wool sweater – a must have for everyone!
Once you´ve done all this, you will certainly feel closer to the Icelandic spirit and feel like you´ve had a fulfilling holiday in Reykjavik.

For a list of more things to do in Reykjavik and details how to do some of the above, check out There are so many things to do in Reykjavik.

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