The Rising Popularity Of Metal Roofing

Metal happens to be the new kid on the block where roofing is concerned! It is the material of choice whether you’re constructing your house and are putting up a new roof or whether you’re tearing down the existing roof and replacing it with a new one. Metal roofing has so many advantages and no disadvantages that it is hard not to choose it for your roofing project. I’ll elaborate on these advantages in the following paragraphs.

Traditionally, metal roofing almost always meant using tin roofing sheets which had no durability worth mentioning. That situation has changed dramatically. The modern metal roofing materials are high in durability, very strong, light in weight, conveniently installed, with the added advantage of being fire proof.

Metal roofing can withstand the worst storms Nature can throw against it. Metal roofing remains unperturbed by hurricanes, storms, and tornadoes. Snowfall, hailstorms, and pouring rain leave it unaffected. It is an eco-friendly roofing material in that it remains cooler in summer, saving cooling energy, as well as saving your cooling costs.

Insurance companies give generous discounts when you use metal roofing. This increases the market value of your house. When you go to sell it you’ll be able to extract a handsome premium for the metal roofing.

More good news for your wallet is on its way! The roof’s supporting structure can be light since metal roofing is comparatively light. Because of this you can re-roof your house without taking down the existing one.

Installation is a cinch when you use metal roofing. You simply place the large format metal sheets in place and fix them down. You save time, and labor costs. This feature has a downside – you can’t replace just a small patch of metal roofing if this ever becomes necessary. Its going to be tough getting a single large metal sheet up to the roof. Matching the metal sheets is another problem, which may be necessary if you extend the house a few years later.

Though its popularity is rising, metal roofing has an inherent negative quality – its high price! If its high price is bothering you, you can scout around for bargain sales. Then again the huge savings you stand to make when using metal roofing is able to counterbalance the high price.

There is no doubting the growing popularity of metal roofing. The biggest attraction in using metal roofing is its extremely high durability which may even outlast the house it covers!

If you are replacing an existing roof or just building a new one, the right roofing material is essential to do the job well. Visit to find out more about what you’ll need, and learn about other choices to put on your roof. You’ll discover why asphalt roofing shingles remain the most popular choice.

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