The Purpose Of Interior Design

People study interior design for different reasons. Some people love the field of design enough that they want to pursue it as a career. These are usually men or women with an artistic eye who enjoy helping others. People also fall in love with interior design as a way to beautify their own homes.

Over time, different styles of interior design have emerged and gained popularity. Classical, Asian and Arts and Crafts are a few of the popular styles that people recognize, but there are many to choose from. People who enjoy a more eclectic feel to their home’s interior may even choose to pick and choose elements that they like from a variety of styles.

Just as there are different styles of interior design, there are a variety of ways to learn about interior designing. Some prefer to follow a path of formal schooling after graduating from high school. Others learn while on the job. Still others teach themselves by using books, magazines or online sources.

Interior design is more than just choosing pretty colors for a room. It involves combining form and function so as to make the very most of interior spaces. It also means recognizing the different needs of different types of spaces. A retail environment will have very different design requirements than a family’s living room.

People who enjoy the look of old castles or classic cathedrals might enjoy a Gothic design. Of course most homes are not built to accommodate such grandiose designs on a large scale. The key to working a Gothic design into a home or a smaller building is using the elements that can be scaled down. This might be Gothic patterns on fabrics or possibly furnishings which fit the motif.

People with small living areas often find it challenging to come up with a workable design for their space. Those with large, open areas can have their own difficulties as well. If you have a very wide open space in your home, consider creating spots within it where people can comfortably sit together and meet. This can go a long way toward eliminating the feeling that one is shouting across a museum when they are trying to have a conversation.

Lovers of the outdoors often enjoy using a rustic design theme in their own homes or in cabins they visit or keep as vacation homes. Some people go as far as to actually build using log cabin or stone designs. Even the most common brick house can bring in rustic elements of the outdoors though. Getting creative with a mix of stone, wood and metal can do wonders for creating a rustic feel.

Remember when you are considering your interior design ideas that there is no rule book that you must follow. Each person must choose what works for them. Perhaps a classical look in one room and an art deco design in another is what is right for you. It really comes down to what makes you feel happy and what makes your house feel like a home.

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