The New Affordable Four Person Hot Tub

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It was back sometime in the 70s when the trend in hot tubs really began to catch wind. People everywhere were hopping in and out of them and they were affordable too. This in spite of the fact that they were relatively labor-intensive to manufacture but the materials they were made from were also relatively inexpensive at that time. Then things take actually began to change as labor and material costs slowly crept up.

Larger full featured models and particularly those that could hold more than four people became quite expensive to the point where it was not uncommon for someone to spend $ 10,000 and even more of one. But then about a decade ago things began to change as product designers and material engineers began to experiment with new ways for producing larger, less expensive spas. So now there’s a new trend in the market that’s catching wind.

It’s manufactured hot tubs that have done away with all the older style materials including wood and fiberglass resins to create a new product that’s bigger, more affordable, easier to keep and maintain, and also more portable. You see, the days of old when spas had to be anchored in one place on your back porch are long gone. This because now with these new lighter portable, and more durable units people are now taking them on camping trips and even to events like tailgate parties.

One piece plastic hot tubs came about as a result of a revolutionary new rotational plastic molding system. It’s the same technology that’s used to make giant plastic water tanks you can see on the backs of trucks and trailers at construction sites, on ranches, and occasionally just being hauled down the road. Its giant molds that are spun and rotated as the plastic in them is heated then distributed evenly around the entire surface.

After the molding process is complete all the hardware is installed, and it’s basically done. Ready to be sold, brought home and filled. No seems means solid easy maintenance and the massive cost savings in the manufacturing process means that more features can be added onto them. Features like more jets and even LED light colored waterfalls on units that are plugged into a 120 V standard electric wall jack right out-of-the-box with nothing to connect.

Then new inflatable hot tubs take portability, easy maintenance and ease of operation to a whole new level. They’re just what they sound like. A hot tub they can fit in the trunk of a compact car for easy transport and then taken out and inflated to create semi rigid soft walls on a spa that looks something like a small prefab pool. Hot tubs like this can hold up to 10 people comfortably too and be set up on a beach, campsite, or wherever.

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