The Most Popular Card Games

In the past, the most popular way of spending time was playing card games. And we are talking about way past here - before the Netflix, even before the TV! In a way, card games are still being played for that purpose; to spend some quality time. (Or to win a couple of bucks!) They are everywhere - on Facebook, on the internet, even in our operating system; notice the Hearts and Solitaire games in your Start menu. But which ones are the most popular? Which ones do we play the most and love? We prepared a "most popular card games" list for you, enjoy!

5) Hearts
This is a game for four players, although 3 or 6 people can play it too. Hearts is a very popular card game, it is even in the Windows operating system for nearly a decade. This is also a very old game, dating back to the 17th century. As with many card games, Spanish sailors invented it during the long and boring naval expeditions. Hearts is a "trick-taking" game, each player plays a card from their hand. They must follow the suit if they are able, if not, they can play any card. The player who played the highest card of the suit becomes the lead player for the next hand. Hearts suit award one penalty point each, hence the game's name come from. The game continues until there are no cards left.

4) Solitaire
There is a reason why this game is also called "patience"; it may take too long to complete. Solitaire is a unique card game because it doesn't need a "team", you can play it by yourself. It is believed that Solitaire is of German origin, the earliest recording of it goes as far as the 18th century. Germans believe that this is not just a card game; it also tells about your future. (Basically, it is believed that if you win at the first time, you will have a good fortune.) There are lots of Solitaire variants too, Klondike is the most known one. In Solitaire, you try to reorder the deck by suit and rank by transferring cards from one place to another. Your goal is to build up four blocks of cards going from ace to king in each suit. Solitaire is a "default" game of Windows operating system, and probably the most popular card game amongst the civil servants.

3) Blackjack
Another gift from the Spanish sailors. Blackjack is probably the most "inspiring" card game of all time, there are hundreds of movies and books about it. It dates back as far as the 16th century - yeah, that old. Blackjack was the game of choice of Miguel Cervantes, you know, the guy who wrote Don Quixote. It was called "twenty-one" during that era, the name "blackjack" is an "invention" of the US casinos. (In Europe, the game is still known as twenty-one.) Blackjack is a very basic (but hard to master) card game. It is played against a dealer and your goal is to reach a score higher than the dealer, preferably 21. Face cards are counted as ten points, an ace is 1 or 11 and all other cards are counted as their numeric values. In theory, it is possible to win at Blackjack every time, you just need to be a mathematical genius and count all the cards in the decks - good luck with that, casinos usually prefer to use eight decks.

2) Gin Rummy
We know the exact origin of this card game: it is created in 1909 by Elwood T. Baker. For some reason, Mr. Baker was trying to create a new card game which combines rummy and whiskey poker together. Gin rummy is faster than rummy but more spontaneous than poker, so in a way, he was successful. This is a game played by two people and the objective is to reach 100 points before the opponent does. You get 10 cards at each hand and your goal is to eliminate "useless" cards in that hand. Just like rummy, you can create groups of cards from the same suit or make a set of cards with the same rank. The rest (useless) cards are called "deadwood" and each player tries to form a "deadwood free" hand.

1) Poker
Say hello to the king - poker is probably the most known (and played) card game of all times. Poker is an American "invention", which dates back as far as the 19th century. We know it was the most popular "unwind hobby" of the soldiers during the American Civil War. Poker has countless variations and some of them are as famous as itself, like Texas Hold'em. There are nine winning hands in poker and each player tries to form one of them, preferably straight flush! Betting and bluffing are the most important aspects of the poker game - you play against the other players, not the cards.

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