The Five Feng Shui Elements

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy for creating positive energy in any space. The system is dominated by eight areas of each space and five elements. Here, you will learn about the five elements that define feng shui and give rise to the colors and organization of your space to create an atmosphere of prosperity and health.

Five Feng Shui Elements

The five elements that make up feng shui philosophy are fire, wood, earth water and metal. The elements each have a crucial role to play in your home or office space. By using the feng shui compass (the lopan) in combination with a blueprint or layout of your home or office, you can create an energy map (the bagua) and from that we can look at the individual elements that control the areas. Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds.

Each element has a particular life area that it influences. Knowing what areas those are helps with creating the design of your home and the use of furniture and accents that demonstrate that specific element.

Fire - Fire brings heat and passion. A passion that literally burns to your soul. It's also injects lots of energy to everything you do including your personal life, sex life and work.

Water - Free flowing water refreshes the mind and the energy in a room. It's a symbol of abundance and good fortune and signals a feeling of purity and rejuvenation. Ancient cultures throughout history have used water in ceremonies to symbolize purification.

Earth - Have you ever heard of someone who is "down to Earth?" The Earth element brings a feeling of stability and security to your home. Mother Earth nurtures all who live on it and within it. The same goes for the earth element in your home - it nourishes each family member.

Metal - Why is metal on of the elements. Metal appears to be impersonal and hard which is can be but, in feng shui terms, it stands for clarity of mind and efficiency. If the metal element is in the space, you'll have a well defined purpose to your life and good intentions.

Wood - The wood element is responsible for prosperity and health in the home. Feng shui cures always include the wood element.

All the feng shui elements have a separate and different purpose in the home or office space. There are related areas and colors that work in a beneficial relationship to build a positive energy flow throughout your rooms. The individual areas will be strong in one particular area and you'll notice that as soon as you enter the room.

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