The Evolution of Scrapbooking

It was not long before men had invented paper; they had learned the art of scrap booking. The very nature of a human being is to preserve memories and pass the eventful recollections to the generations to come. In the early times, when the world was technologically impaired, the only way of narrating their life stories was by scrapbooking. In its primitive form, scrapbooking was a means of merging brief notes, memorabilia compilations and journaling.

Since the time photography had become accessible to ordinary men, the people initiated new scrapbooking ideas with their pictures and labeling them with a caption according to the events that was associated with them. The earlier scrapbooks used to consist of letters, newspaper clips together with the pictures that were put inside them. Researchers have found out new scrapbooking ideas have evolved from the change the society has gone through over the many decades and centuries. The modern day scrapbook has evolved with time and they include eye-catching exhibition of photos, journaling, brief texts and modern-day memorabilia.

It was not many years ago that scrapbooks were considered to be nothing more than mere newspaper clippings, baby books or some wedding memorabilia. With the availability of scrapbooking materials, scrapbooking websites, and the advancements in media, scrapbooks have become invaluable family treasures. Different people customize their scrapbooks in different ways reflecting their own scrapbooking ideas in it. While some emphasize on pictures, some emphasize on brief events while the others decorate their scrapbooks with stamps, colors and what not. But all these scrapbooks have one thing in common: they have a story to tell. Scrapbooking is a different type of story telling but rather at a precious individual level. It is a means of arranging past moments so that they could be passed on to the future generations.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way of celebrating one's life and realize the fact that peopl's lives are made up of bits and pieces of small events - without these events having drastic impact on their lives. Filling up a scrapbook is just another way of preserving the past for the future. Scrapbooking not only means preserving the past, the entire scrapbooking idea is amazingly social. The scrapbookers try each and every way to weave their stories more efficiently. In that process they become more interactive and they begin to assist the fellow scrapbookers with different suggestions and inimitable ideas and also help them with better methods and tips to enhance their scrapbooking skills and the entire scrapbooking experience.

All these scrapbookers belong to a community that evaluates the significance of history and its preservation, respects the meaning of identity and its impact in people's lives and persuades the most important thing of all: fun. Although scrapbooking is an absolutely unisexual activity, it is considerably noticed that most of the scrapbookers are women. Since it is believed that women are more responsive to relationships, they have a stronger binding to the past and thus they have a craving for preserving the past for the times to come in the future.

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