The Different Types Of Metal Roofing Systems

A metal roofing system is a sound investment and adds beauty and value to a home. Lasting for long, they are usually backed with an equally long warranty. They are cost effective as they can be installed over old roofing and save on tear off costs incurred while replacing the existing roof with some other type of roofing. They provide a protective fixture that does not split, gather mold or warp unlike asphalt shingles or other type of roofing. They are highly durable and are able to withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy snow, hurricane force winds, wind driven rains, hail and extreme heat as well. Metal roofing systems are usually made of iron, steel, copper or aluminum. The durability makes it an ideal roofing material, with the highest viability in the commercial sector. Manufacturers of metal roofing reap huge profits, as the demand is high for these products.

Metal roofs come in a variety of qualities. The shape, sizes, and colors are endless. Their attributes are impressive. They are long lasting and durable requiring little or no maintenance. Adding style and appeal to the house they also offer extra protection through their fire resistant properties. Metal roofs are also energy efficient and have been known to reduce energy bills by up to 20%.

Metal roofing systems are available in sheets, panels and shingles. Sheet iron roofs are more common in the Asian and African regions. In the semi-detached houses in rural areas, these products provide a durable and cost effective roofing alternative for village people. The durability and quality of Iron roofs is enhanced by galvanizing, which greatly increases its resistance to rust.

Aluminum roofs are preferred in Europe and America. Much more expensive as compared to iron roofs, they are lighter in weight and are available in numerous appealing colors and designs. They retain their aesthetic appeal for a very long time. In addition, due their lightweight construction they exert very little strain on the roof structure. Their inherent rust resistance is also a big advantage. Available in countless shades of blue, red, green, gray etc. these roofing products complement the decor and architectural style of any home. Modern technology has imparted reflective and heat resistant qualities to aluminum roofing products.

Stainless steel is one of the costliest, but most durable roofing materials with claims of lasting for over half a century or even more. Excellent qualities of rust resistance and thermal reflectivity make it long lasting and energy efficient. Many types of stainless steel roofing are coated with special alloys of zinc and tin which enhance the properties of strength, durability, energy efficiency and high corrosion resistance even when exposed to extreme harsh and saline weather conditions.

Copper roofing is another good metal roofing option generally used in high-end posh residential buildings and is not very common. However, it suffers from fixing limitations, which prove to be a big disadvantage. Fasteners used in copper roofing can only be of copper, stainless steel or brass. This is what has made copper roofing less popular.

Being biodegradable and recyclable, metal roofing systems are highly eco friendly. Installation is relatively easy as sheet metal roofing can be well soldered/fixed with fasteners, whereas factory made metal roofing panels and shingles have easy four way interlocking arrangements for quick and secure installation.

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