The Best Interior Design Schools Great Britain

It tears me up reading Christy Admiraals article “The Best Interior Design Schools in the U.K.” on eHow. Her introduction to the article I totally agree to; however the list of schools she presents has absolutely nothing to do with a list of the top schools in the UK. You will find some of the best interior design schools in the world in the UK. and most of them you will find in London as she says; however you will not find them on her list.

Writing a list of the best interior design schools in London without Ravensbourne or Central St. Martins shows that the writer has no knowledge about interior design schools in Great Britain. Bad articles like this should be removed. These are just misleading and will actually hurt the readers more than helping them- which I think articles that claim to list the best schools should do. I even tried to post a comment to her article on ehow, but somehow it was refused. So as a suggestion I posted the article here and hope that the article will be picked up by the same readers.

If I should recommend one interior design school in London it would be Ravensbourne. For ten years I have been working with several institutions in Great Britain, and I have seen how the list of top school has changed. The famous Central St. Martins used to be the top school in many of the design disciplines, but now it has been surpassed by other schools – for instants Ravensbourne that has passed them in interior design and is considered just as good in fashion design.

Ravensbournes undergraduate program BA (Hons) Interior Design and Environmental Architecture is one of the best in the UK, and the only in its sort where you actually can move on to do a Master of Arts in Architecture. Ravensbourne has a lot of the same professors as Central St. Martin especially in the Fashion design department – the professors actually rotate amongst the top three fashion design colleges – the two mentioned plus London College of Fashion. Back to interior design – Ravensbourne has won a lot of the biggest national competitions in the UK the last years like Freerange in 2010; where a Ravensbourne student was voted best in show.

I hope that my response to the article “The best interior Designs Schools in the U.K.” will be read, and I would recommend all of you that consider studying creative arts in the U.K to check out Skillset which is an accreditation agency for design schools in the UK.

Espen is the founder of Uniabroad and recently made a portal called that offers information on higher creative education to young Norwegians – for instants Interior design and fashion design.

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