The Best Interior Design Companies in London

In terms of fashion, design, and yes, anything that involves art, there is a place where many fashion freaks and design enthusiasts go. If the city that pops up in your head is Paris, then you are wrong. In fact, one of the upcoming epicentres of the arts is the colourful city of London. Actually, London, for many decades, has been contributing some of the best ideas in the world of art and fashion. A little proof: in the late 1970s, the London art scene exploded in the face of the world via punk rock. Well, punk fashion is not actually British. As a matter of fact, the concept was stolen by a shrewd and infamous svengali who call himself Malcolm McLaren. Original or not, punk fashion along with other popular art movements that sprung from London are definitely very influential and until now, you can still see traces of the style on popular culture. However, London’s fashion, and design legacy does not end on that. In fact, the proliferation of excellent interior design companies London attest to that.

Interior design companies in London echo some of the greatest fashion, design, and art tradition in the city. It draws from some of the best influences in the culture or design so far. Nick Sunderland, one of the leading figures in the London interior design scene today makes sure that the capital will not be short in delivering the best output in today’s highly competitive design market. Sunderland and company aims to put London in the map of interior design via the most creative and innovative interior design concepts today. No matter if you are looking for a simple bathroom design or the most complex architectural projects, Sunderland and the whole interior design companies London is here to deliver the best. Check out to find out more about top-rate interior design companies London.

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