The Best Construction Supply Providers, A Remarkably Simple Guide To Find Them

Your building materials supplier is your strongest ally in the battle to get your construction project completed during a building project, from the first steps of developing your cost estimate to finding that rare and final fitting needed to finish your job. But good construction supply providers don’t just suddenly appear on your job site when you want them — you need to find a good supplier and cultivate your relationship with them. While you might think that it would pay to use several different suppliers, many builders find that it is more cost-effective and convenient to use a single supplier, at least for a particular type of material. For instance, a builder could use just one flooring store, one plumbing supply house, one lumber store, etc. The advantages include qualifying for preferred customer discounts and always knowing where your materials came from in case you run out in the middle of the job and need to get a matching board or tile.

Think Local: Most people have a local “big box” construction supplier near them these days. If you are comfortable with them, by all means you can do business with them. Just be sure to inquire about “builder rates”, cash discounts, and their return policy for unused goods (good questions to ask all suppliers, actually). You can usually find a smaller supplier in your area as well and may find you are more comfortable dealing with them.

• Ask Around: Utilizing your contacts is one great way to find a better construction supplier or lumber store. If you ask your employees, subcontractors or other people you know in the industry, chances are they’ve got favorite suppliers and they are usually more than happy to share the information with you.

• The BBB: Another good way to check on a potential supplier is to go through the Better Business Bureau. The BBB handled more than 300 complaints against building material suppliers in 2010 according to their statistics. On their website, those complaints are viewable and a rating is also provided for some companies.

• Search Online: There is always the internet. There are plenty of construction supply providers on the internet and there are even some sites that compare them. You need to beware of scams whenever you deal with the internet, but if you find a supplier with a professional quality, solid webiste, the chances that they have a solid and professional business are high. At the very least, you can use their site to see if it would be worth your time to visit or call and to see what they have to offer.

Finding the best company for your needs is an important personal decision. You will be walking through the building process with them, and you want to find one that will have your best interest in mind.

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