The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is gaining in popularity among homeowners who are steadily realizing the benefits of having metal roofs. Metal roofing available today is the preferred choice of homeowners due to various factors like durability, attractiveness and the energy efficiency resulting in considerable savings.

A professionally installed metal roof will last a lifetime; companies are offering warranties from 20 to 50 years and more on their products. Conventional asphalt based roofs require to be changed after every 10 to 20 years. According to the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, every year about 6 to 9 million tons of asphalt based roofing material is discarded in the US, this usually goes to the land fill sites, in Canada about 1.25 million tons of asphalt based roofing material is discarded. Metal roofs are environment friendly, as they are made from 100% recyclable materials. Metal roofs are fire and insect resistant and can withstand high velocity winds and easily shed snow it can also keep out water if sealed properly.

A layer of zinc or aluminum is coated on the steel and then bonded. Desired paint is then applied this makes the metal roofs rust proof. Metal roofs reflect the heat in summer and insulate the interior in winter, efficiently reducing energy bills. Utilizing the dead space between the roof deck and metal also increases energy efficiency. Metal roof is an important component in green buildings, given the fact that almost $ 40 billion are spent annually on keeping buildings cool in the US.

Metals have higher strength to weight ratio, a 100 square feet of metal roofing will typically weigh from 50 to 100 pounds compared to 750 pounds of tile and 900 pounds in the case of concrete tiles. While re-roofing, you can use special types of metal shingles without tearing off the existing roof. While building a new house costs can be reduced, as less structural supports are required for metal roofs. Less structural support means saving.

A roofing contractor can install metal roofs quickly. Multi-shingle sections or individual sheets are easier to install than three-tab asphalt shingles. Metal roofing being noncombustible is rated as Class ‘A’. However, metal roofing applied on wood may be rated lower.

In the unlikely event of lightening striking your home, metal roofing will disperse the energy safely throughout the structure of the house and since it is noncombustible, it is the most desirable roofing in severe weather conditions. Reputed metal roof manufacturers spend thousands of dollars testing their products in Miami-Dade County also known as HVHZ (high velocity hurricane zone). This area is subjected to the strongest winds in the entire country.

Many believe that metal roofing is noisy, but metal roofing installed on solid sheathing will actually keep all the noise due to bad weather out. There are metal roofs to match all types of styles, colors, and finish and last 2 to 3 times longer than conventional roofs. Due to the inherently energy efficient and ecologically friendly nature coupled with the ease in installation, metal roofing remains the preferred choice of homeowners, architects, and builders.

Metal roofing may seem expensive, but don’t forget that it will last a lifetime compared to other roofing materials.

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