Termite Control Company Provides Preferred Solution for New Construction

New home builders and home renovators looking for a way to add true value to their services are turning to termite experts for a solution to offer their new construction clients. Protecting buildings from termite infestation offers incredible value to the new owners. The smart way to protect property value from termites and even increase its value is to use a termite control company for pre-treating new construction.

Pre-treating elements of a new building with a termiticide or physical barrier offers a very inexpensive way to protect the building even before it is complete. In terms of cost, termite pre-treatments are very inexpensive compared to other construction features. It’s also something that catches the attention of a new home buyer. A termite control company can pre-treat the building foundation and structure and then provide a certificate to the builder to include in the sales brief.

Sure, solid wood window frames and doors look great, but a builder who shows a potential buyer the termite pre-treatment certificate from the termite control company demonstrates personal interest in protecting the buyer’s investment. That is something that resonates with people investing 100’s of thousands of dollars in new construction.

Advantages of Pre-Treating New Construction

The termite control company sprays the termiticide under the foundation and supporting framework. This occurs early in the construction when the foundation and slab is still visible. The termite treatment seeps into the cracks and crevices, those same places that termites love to crawl in between snacks. This pre-treatment must take place before the slab and building supports are covered with flooring and drywall.

Termites can enter a new building during the construction phase then hideaway in the nooks where no one notices them. Once the slab and walls are finished, the termite control company has to perform more of a spot treatment and external barrier. So pre-treating is far more effective and long lasting. Applying a termite treatment after the insulation, panelling and ceilings are in place simply isn’t as all-encompassing as when the termite control company applies it before the finishing stage.
Adding the expense of a termite treatment to new construction costs or the cost a room addition is money well spent. In fact, when asked to choose options people often will opt for cheaper windows and other features before they eliminate the termite pre-treatment.

If you are planning a new wooden deck or patio, be sure to use timbers pre-treated with a termite solution. Even better, contact your local termite control company and ask them to treat the wood prior to applying any sealing compound.

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