Technical supervision of the construction of industrial and civil objects by specialized independent engineering companies as an integral part of th

Current and forecasted population growth and, accordingly, its needs in the Republic of Uzbekistan, inevitably induced the growth of building production, the development of construction technology, reduction of the time and financial costs of design and construction of both industrial and civil areas.

To date, the construction came to the priority on the level of impact on economic and social aspects of life of our people, as well as the ambience. Currently, we can observe vivid process of reformation of the construction industry in Uzbekistan, in a period of improvement of legislative and regulatory frameworks that define national standards of construction. Construction industry as the industry is developing rapidly, including improved and new types of construction materials, construction equipment, new construction techniques. Accordingly other sectors are developing directly or indirectly related to the construction – Production of building materials, the production of construction machinery, engineering, and services for technical supervision of the construction process.

Speaking about update, and essentially – the leading standards of the construction industry of Uzbekistan, it should be noted that this question is one of the most important economic, social and environmental issues, because the products of the construction industry form the ambience of our living, working and resting, and in which the most significant financial resources of society are invested. It is no coincidence that first impression about the country is induced by the level of quality of residential and public buildings, industrial plants, state of the infrastructure.

Ensuring of qualitative construction and installation work – a problem that requires a comprehensive solution. It includes compliance with the requirements of building codes and state standards by all participants of the construction process: designers, customers and contractors, which is the basic premise of durability and operational reliability of constructed buildings and structures, their ecological cleanliness, safety for people and, ultimately, operating efficiency.

As practice shows, preservation and development of industry standards in the new conditions of life can be achieved only at the expense of categorical construction of discipline and innovation activity of all participants of the investment process, including the regulatory authorities in the construction.

International experience shows that technical supervision on site will function properly only when the “engineer” has the authority and power to put into practice all the conditions of FIDIC contract. For the duties were implemented by the “engineer” new provisions were included in the new contract documents that allow to him to act as a last resort in all matters relating to the quality of work and payment.

The whole system of standards in construction, supervision of which lays upon the responsibility of the deep-specialized independent engineering companies, aims to ensure that economic agents have received the most economic, technically safe to use, environmentally friendly result of the construction process, meeting all the requirements of design, regulatory and technical documentation, for protection the interests of customers of construction.

One of the key participants in the market for implementation of technical supervision of construction in the Republic – Limited Liability Company «True Engineering Supervision» (hereinafter TES), as an independent non-governmental engineering company, is just the system unit of the restructuring, establishment and modernization of the high-tech requirements construction to supervision standards in Uzbekistan.
TES positions its main function as the implementation of technical supervision of construction objects related to different types of entities and despite the fact that the company was created recently, has extensive experience in the implementation of large projects.

The goal of the TES – compilation, analysis and dissemination of foreign and national experience in the field of engineering and consulting activities.

TES strategy is based on a comprehensive implementation of investment projects on construction of objects of industrial and commercial property, the application of innovative technologies, quality management of construction investment projects on the basis of international best practices. The main credo of TES work is advanced prevention of the low-quality construction products, not amendment after already occurred failure.’

TES Services. TES team, consisted of highly qualified specialists ready to provide technical supervision services during construction:
* Oil and Gas industry (arrangement of oil and gas fields, construction of pipelines, roads and driveways refineries, compressor stations, the central collection sites, etc);
* Energy sector (main power supply, air and cable transmission lines, power plants, thermal power plants, distribution substations, and so on.);
* Transport communications (roads and railways, transport interchanges, overpasses, bridges and pedestrian crossings, etc.);
* Communal services (infrastructure, water supply and sewerage systems, sewage treatment plants and reservoirs, water distribution units and water intakes, etc.);
* Other objects for industrial and production purposes;
* Commercial property units and public buildings, housing and the private sector,

which include:

 Construction Project Management
 Technical supervision of construction due the FIDIC contract conditions (yellow and red book)
 Disciplinary supervision of the projects construction process and control over the delivery of the finished construction projects in operation
 Engineering consultation, including control over the quality and cost of purchased for the construction of building materials
 Approval of construction materials
 Preliminary and detailed engineering drawings, design and estimate documentation checking
 Control over the budget and construction costs
 Quality control and technical inspection
 Daily inspection and project supervision
 Supervision of compliance with the technical specifications
 Labor protection and technical safety in construction, including the monitoring of compliance with the rules of labor protection and fire safety of workers hired by Contractor, Employer at construction sites

Experts TES

The structure of TES working groups at different stages of construction is composed of the following experts:
* Engineer civil works;
* Engineer of electrical systems (electric equipment, electric lighting);
* Engineer of thermal mechanical systems (HVAC);
* Engineer of sanitary systems (water supply, sewerage);
* Engineer of low-voltage system (communication and signaling system)
* Design Engineer of highways, sidewalks, bridges and materials
* Engineer Surveyor (land surveying, soil and geotechnical work)
* The environmental specialist, social development and resettlement specialist, specialist on gender issues.

All specialists have higher special education (education in the field of the construction, sociology, etc.), they know all kinds of construction work, the rules of paperwork, are able to work with auxiliary equipment and modern digital technology.

TES team collected more than 30 high-level professionals who are able to solve the most critical and different tasks throughout Uzbekistan and abroad, allowing us to provide services on technical supervision during construction. All TES experts are equipped with the necessary instrumentation.
All members of our team are high class professionals and their qualification is constantly increasing, both theoretically and practically. TES experts are high qualified, and skillfully use in the practice the rules and regulations of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), construction codes and regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan (KMK and SHNK), Standards in the Republic of Uzbekistan (RST Uz, GOST), Collection of Source Estimate Standards for commissioning works, as well as other regulations in the field of construction.

Benefits of TES

Efficiency and energy saving. Relying on the high quality of engineering services, we aim to manage the budget and reflect the real costs. At the same time economy for Employers is achieved through application of the best technical solutions to reduce consumption of the sources and the proper allocation of investments. Cooperation with us will allow you to save from 20 to 30% of the total amount of the financial costs of construction.

Reliability. Reliability means for us the combination of the management in the innovation, using the latest technology and a high level of responsibility to our customers. We carefully observe the obligations and conditions of the warranty and post-warranty service.

Comfort and eco-friendliness. Rational solutions for “green”, “smart” buildings and energy efficient buildings are the basis of the company TES. We realize projects on the basis of high-tech building management systems through the creation of a comfortable air circulation, reduction of harmful emissions and maximization of natural lighting and ventilation.

Another feature of our work is that we do not want to overstate the importance of our work, that is, we do not splurge, just do your job, do it right.
In conclusion, we want to add that the technical supervision and control of the construction process, carried out by independent engineering company gives warranty that:
* Construction will be completed and the construction site will be put into operation in a timely manner;
* The customer will receive a construction object is of good quality and technically reliable in operation;
* Building object will comply with the design and estimate documentation;
* The cost of construction will not unreasonably overstated;
* Contractor’s employees during construction will not break the rules of occupational health and safety and fire safety, what will be the object of supervision by our company, so that the construction object remains safe and sound;
* The customer can get any engineering consultation about the construction process, to have their own opinion if you want to make changes to the project documentation;
* Other benefits that can give work with experienced professionals – builders, sociologists and other experts.

Vera Pak
True Engineering Supervision

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