Talking Business with New Home Builders in Cherokee County

You’ve decided that the best way to get the home that you want is to build a new home. Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step toward living in the house of your dreams. Now the real work starts – deciding which of the new home builders in Cherokee County is the best builder for your new home. If you’re working with a development company in one of the new planned communities in Cherokee County, your task will be much easier – most work with a limited number of builders who have demonstrated that they do quality work. Many of the top new home builders in Cherokee County work directly with development companies rather than building for private buyers.

Working with a builder through a development company can make some things much easier. Since the builders are all pre-screened, you’ll have cut your list of possible builders down to a select few. That’s no small feat when you consider the dozens of new home builders in Cherokee County. In most cases, the development company will have set the prices, so your price negotiations will be with the developer rather than the builder – another potential avenue of conflict with the builder eliminated. However, you’ll be dealing with the builder on many other aspects of your new home construction, so knowing how to communicate and work effectively with your builder is one of the most important bits of knowledge you can have.

When you decide to build in a planned community, you’re often taking on two relationships – one with the development company and one with the builder. Both of these relationships are important in your decision. The development company provides the overall vision for the community, and is usually the entity with whom you’ll contract (though there are exceptions to the rule). The builder is the one who will be actually building your house, and you’ll be communicating YOUR vision to the builder who will find ways to incorporate it into the overall vision of the community.

Whether you’re working with a specific home builder recommended by the community in which you are building or with any of the other new home builders in Cherokee County, here are some of the questions you should ask when you meet with the builder before making your decision. Keep in mind that many of these questions may be best answered by the sales representative of for the development, but it never hurts to ask again. The only way to get the information you need to make the best decision possible is to ask questions.

1. Do you offer standard plans?

In most cases, if the company is working with a development corporation in a new construction planned community, the answer to this question will be yes. Most developments offer a range of home styles for sale, each of which has been chosen for the way that it fits into the overall community and environment. Your choice of home plan may be limited or even decided by the lot that you choose, or vice versa – you may find that certain styles of homes can only be built on particular lots.

2. What customizations are allowed to your standard plans?

Customizing a home to suit your needs is one of the services offered by many new home builders in Cherokee County. Can the company modify the floor plan to fit your vision? Is there a range or variety of finishes and trims available for you to choose from? How flexible can the builder be in fitting the home to become the home of your dreams?

3. What upgrades are available to the standard features of the house you’re considering?

The small details can make the difference between having just another house and having your perfect home. Can you select different flooring materials or styles? Are there variations on the fixtures and appliances? How much will the upgrades that you want cost?

4. Does the company have a design team to help you coordinate the finished look of your home?

When you buy pre-construction, you often have many options for style and design choices that wouldn’t be available if you buy a pre-finished home. That can be wonderful if you have a definite sense of style – or daunting if you aren’t certain just how to achieve the look that you want. A design team, or even a project design showroom, can help you visualize the finished product so that the home you buy is exactly the home that you want.

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