Take Your Garage Back From The Clutter With These Organizational Tips

The size of the average American home has more than doubled in the past sixty years! When Ozzie and Harriet were on the tube and Ike was in the White House, people shared much smaller spaces and we do mean shared! It was not at all uncommon for two or three growing boys or girls to sleep in the same room. And most homes had a single bathroom! What happened?

Incomes went up and housings became more affordable. And because it was their largest and most precious asset, most Americans invested in their homes. As a result, shared spaces became personal spaces. Kids got their own rooms and even their own bathrooms! Not to mention the fact that there is more closet and storage space. Why, then, are Americans running out of room?

With yearly revenues of over twenty billion dollars, self storage is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable segments of the real estate industry. There are nearly sixty thousand self-storage facilities nationwide, and most of them are filled to the brim.

There are many reasons why Americans are renting storage lockers and buying storage sheds for their backyards at a record pace. One explanation is that we are an acquisitive people and we finally have our own spaces. In the Fabulous Fifties, when children shared rooms, they did not have the room for lots of personal possessions. They did not have their own storage chests or closets. But now the average kid has many square feet of space that he can pack with whatever he likes. We must also consider the garage and the fact that the average family now owns more than two cars!

Back when Americans had small homes, they only owned one car, the family car, which was often parked in a two-car garage. The other half of the space could be used for storage. That space is now filled with a second, and sometimes even a third automobile.

Garage organizers

Even if you use most of the space in your garage for its intended use, i.e., to store cars, there is plenty of unused space. With the right organizers, ceilings, corners, and walls can be used to store sundry items. Let us take a moment to discuss a few popular space-saving accessories.

Ceiling storage

Unless you drive an enormous truck or SUV, there should be quite a bit of room between the hood and roof of your vehicle and the ceiling of your garage. Organizers that are attached to the ceiling are often bolted through the drywall and into the studs. Because they are quite sturdy, these storage devices can handle a lot of weight, often over one hundred pounds! Bins, cages, and baskets that are mounted to the ceiling can be used to store gardening and work tools, as well as camping and sports gear.

Corner shelves

The average two-car garage has commodious corners that can be used to store smaller items. Corners shelves can be mounted to the wall on brackets that are sturdy enough to support twenty, thirty, even forty pounds each! They can safely accommodate gardening and automotive tools and supplies and other items.

Utility cabinets

Every do-it-yourself needs a place to organize and store his tools. If he doesn’t have room for a tool shed, a tall utility cabinet is the next best thing. These pre-assembled organizers fit in the corner against the back wall of the garage. They are specifically designed to handle heavy loads without issue. And because they are tall and narrow, instead of short and wide, they take advantage of unused space.

Bicycle storage hooks

Other than you automobiles, nothing takes up more room in your garage than bicycles that is, if you leave them on the ground. A bicycle storage hook is a simple, inexpensive device that screws into any solid surface and can free up several feet of space in an instant. As long as you can safely lift your bicycle a few feet off the floor and hang it on these metal hooks, storing bikes on your wall makes perfect sense.

A few more tips

As helpful as they make be, garage organizers may not be able to solve all your storage issues. After all, that’s why they invented garage sales. At the end of the day, a garage should be used to store that the things you want and need. The space becomes cluttered and disorganized when unwanted items find their way there. We’re talking about old clothes and holiday decorations you haven’t used in years. These items can be donated to the charity of your choice to make room for the things you actually use.

Garage storage devices and organizers can be purchase at competitive prices from reputable sellers on the internet.

Dodworth Dua is a freelance writer who writes about home maintenance topics and products for garage organizers.

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