Take Back Your Garage from the Clutter with these Steps

With annual revenues of over 20 billion dollars, self storage is one of the most profitable segments of the real estate industry. Unlike homes, condominiums, or apartments, self storage does not suffer when the economy slows. There are nearly 60,000 self storage facilities in the United States and the companies that operate them have done quite well during the economic downturn. The reason for this is simple–Americans are an acquisitive people. In other words, we buy a lot of stuff.

It is also important to note that most homeowners have less available space than they did a few decades ago. The average family home in the 1950s was less than 1,000 square feet, but today it more than twice as big. Why then do people need additional storage? Look no further than the garage.

When Ike was president, most American homeowners only owed one car, the family car. Because most garages were designed to house two cars, they could use the other half as storage space. Today, the average American homeowner has more than two cars. The garage has been effectively eliminated as a storage room in most homes. That is, unless you have the right organizers.

Garage organizers

Even if you park two cars in the standard garage, there is a lot of available room in unoccupied spaces. Corners, ceilings, and walls can be used for storage if you purchase the right organizers. Let us take a moment to review a few of our favorite space-saving devices.
Corner shelves

Like most rooms, garages have four corners where sundry items can be stored. Buckets, pots, cleaners, and loose tools can be stored on corner shelves that are mounted to the walls on sturdy brackets. Many of the models we reviewed safely hold up to forty pound per shelf, which is enough to accommodate numerous items.

Ceiling storage

Unless you own a monstrous sport utility vehicle (SUV), there should be several feet between the hood or roof of your car and the ceiling of your garage. Storage devices that are attached to the ceiling are generally mounted directly through the drywall into the studs. When attached to the studs, these bins, cages, or baskets can often support hundreds of pounds. Homeowners can store camping gear, tools, or gardening equipment in them.

Tall utility cabinet

Yes, they take up more room than either of the aforementioned, but they also provide a heck of a lot of storage space. Most are durable, pre-assembled models that can be placed in a corner of the room and are designed to support heavy loads. Blue-collar workers can safely store their tools on shelves without worry. Do-it-yourselfers can pack these cabinets with whatever they might need to make repairs around the house.

Tool holder

Unless you have a storage or tool shed, the best place for essential household tools is in the garage. Brooms, mops, rakes, and shovels are generally stored in unoccupied corners of the room. This, quite frankly, is a waste of space. As we mentioned, there are organizers that are designed specifically for these spaces that will hold hundreds of pounds stuff. Storing a few long-handled tools there doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, especially when they can be stored on the wall. Mounting a tool holder to the wall will only take up a few feet of unused space and will allow you to store several essential household tools.

Loft shelf

Much like the ceiling shelf, a loft shelf is an overhead model that must be mounted or attached to some part of the ceiling, often to a beam. Because they are not attached directly to the studs, these organizers will not support that much weight. Most of the models we reviewed were only designed to hold up to 30 pounds. In spite of this limitation, a loft shelf gives the space-starved homeowner the ability to increase storage space for a nominal fee. Athletic, camping, and fishing gear can all be stored on their shelves or racks.

Garden and garage organizer

Millions of Americans enjoy gardening as a hobby. The only problem is that the equipment and tools of the trade can take up an awful lot of room. Pots, tools, hoses, and gardening togs should and often are stored in the same place. A free-standing gardening organizer typically has three or four open shelves for stowing various tools. They are affordable, easy to assemble, and won’t take up much room.
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Aekerley Eric is a freelance writer who writes about home maintenance topics and products for garage organizers.

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