Tagträumer² – Oewerall Festival

Tagträumer² – Oewerall Festival
Event on 2017-08-11 00:00:00
☼ Oewerall ☼ Magnificently beautiful in its new robe, freshly thought and never old. A spot of nature rarely great, spiked with pleasures true not fake. You should not miss out on such a ride, come follow the call of this invite. ☼ Hills, Fields and the Lake ☼ Near the border of the Uckermark, not far away from the place where the fox and the hare bid each other goodnight, shall we come together for three days and nights to escape all sense of time and space. A region only densely populated, surrounded by sprawling fields and hills, lush green and cool water, will be the place where our little darling Oewerall will see the light of day. ☼ From Friends for Friends ☼ What is there more beautiful than spending a weekend within the family?! It is supposed to be a festival from friends for friends. Long faint memories into the days of old back in summer camp are awakened when we invite you to dance in woods and on fields. Energy, spirituality and creativity far away from commerce will help us to finally refocus on what is truly important: friends, freedom and culture. ☼ Tremendous Freedom ☼ As colourful and diverse as the surrounding landscape itself will also be the program. Not only musically, but also far beyond, we have much to offer. Numerous workshops and exhibitions complete the program, so that morning relaxation at the lake, physical and spiritual activity during the day, and wild party during the night seamlessly go hand in hand. Lean back and enjoy the moment, in which you can create a whole among like-minded people, that is more than just the sum of its individual parts. ☼ Crews ☼ You hear about DJs, Bands and Live-Acts, which surprise with self-constructed floors, decoration concepts and cooks, by merging into a symbioses of creative performance. For our little pet, we have only invited the wildest bunch of rascals to really deliver a spectacle offering unparalleled opportunities. The focus is clear: more music in all shapes and colours. Also, we want to strengthen the reference to the environment. Multiple food stands invite to discover the culinary products of the surrounding region, and various handcraft workshops additionally guarantuee the thematic embedding into the setting of the Oewerall.

at Oewerall Festival

Grünz, Germany

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