DESIGN + BUILD | Space Station! New Construction

DESIGN + BUILD | Space Station!

DESIGN + BUILD | Space Station! Event on 2017-11-04 13:00:00 Ideal for ages 9-12 Imagine living in space: floors and walls lose their meaning without gravity telling you which is which; food doesn't stay on your plate; even days don't exist without the sun setting and rising. How do scientists and architects design structures for astronauts to live in space? In celebration of November's World Science Day for Peace and Development, stretch your mind and get creative as you solve the unexpected challenges of living 220 miles above the planet and design your very own space station - perhaps the...
DESIGN + BUILD | Marble Maze New Construction

DESIGN + BUILD | Marble Maze

DESIGN + BUILD | Marble Maze Event on 2018-01-20 13:30:00 Ideal for ages 9-12Design a maze for a marble to travel through using only a few supplies and gravity - but whoever's marble finishes the maze slowest (without stopping) wins! An exciting challenge that allows children to explore physics, design thinking, and patience. About DESIGN + BUILD WorkshopsDive into the design process with our DESIGN + BUILD workshops. Have fun as you and your child learn about design, build a project from your imagination, and hone your creative problem-solving skills. We offer new workshops each month (more often during our...
DESIGN + BUILD | Snowy Metropolis New Construction

DESIGN + BUILD | Snowy Metropolis

DESIGN + BUILD | Snowy Metropolis Event on 2017-12-16 13:30:00 Ideal for ages 9-12Roll up your sleeves and get ready to plan and build the snowy paper metropolis of your dreams! This 90-minute workshop was custom designed for the Center for Architecture and Design by a Stanford professor. Kids will warm up with some rapid prototyping and 3-dimensional thinking exercises, then dive deep into their imaginations to collaboratively plan and build their snowy dream city using Paper Punk kits (think LEGO meets Origami). "Design Thinking" concepts and techniques will guide the kids to a visually delightful hands-on model building...
DESIGN + BUILD | Pedal Power! New Construction

DESIGN + BUILD | Pedal Power!

DESIGN + BUILD | Pedal Power! Event on 2018-01-06 13:30:00 Ideal for ages 9-12How would you get around town quickly if there was no gas or electricity? Pedal power! All over the world, more people ride bikes than drive cars (there are two bikes for every car). Not only is riding a bike better for the earth and for your health, but making trips by bike in a city is often faster than by car! In this workshop you’ll investigate how bikes work, then design your very own set of speedy wheels. Presented in conjunction with our Constructing Play exhibition....
Masterclass - Best Practice in Islamic Geometric Design (500AED) New Construction

Masterclass – Best Practice in Islamic Geometric Design (500AED)

Masterclass - Best Practice in Islamic Geometric Design (500AED) Event on 2017-09-30 09:30:00 Join us for this one day masterclass by Eric Broug,  in which architects, design professionals and students can learn how to more fully use the rich heritage of Islamic geometric design in their work. Offered to you with Dubai Design District as venue partner.  No prior knowledge needed.  Builders in Islamic societies have been making geometric compositions using the same design conventions for centuries. Their adherence to these conventions guaranteed consistent design excellence and a framework for innovation. What are the design rules that were consistently applied for centuries? How can knowledge of...
Unconventional Home Design And Construction New Construction

Unconventional Home Design And Construction

Around the world home styles and construction methods are always based on two things: available materials and local traditions. Some styles are so location specific that we can determine where a picture was taken by the building styles shown. The construction methods are determined by the availability of materials. Where lumber is scarce and expensive concrete or brickwork predominates. The building styles almost always follow local tradition. Unique styles or exotic materials are not easily accepted.Where the range of available building materials is less limited, construction cost is often the determining factor. Constructing a home using lumber is cheaper than...
How Bridge Design And Construction Made The World A Smaller Place New Construction

How Bridge Design And Construction Made The World A Smaller Place

The thirst for knowledge and the need to create have been the cornerstones of man's progress over the last millennium. Without the desire to see what lies over the horizon and without questioning what we have been told by and learnt from previous generations we'd all still be living in caves.Man's ability to be innovative and attempt things that to previous generations would have seemed incredible, impossible or unbelievable has been the catalyst in creating the modern world. One of the most fascinating areas this has manifested itself is in bridge design and construction.Travel, commerce, expansion, migration all have been...
Habit Summit 2018: Behavioral Design Conference New Construction

Habit Summit 2018: Behavioral Design Conference

Habit Summit 2018: Behavioral Design Conference Event on 2018-04-10 08:00:00 Where Leaders in Consumer Behavior Connect and Inspire At Habit Summit, you’ll connect, reflect, and learn over two days. Day One includes several workshops, allowing you to go in-depth on a particular topic with industry experts. Day Two includes an inspiring lineup of speakers, great refreshments, and plenty of time to mingle with industry leaders and peers. We look forward to another fantastic event. Habit Summit started in 2013 with the goal of bringing experts from around the world to share best practices and learnings in consumer psychology, design, and...
Walking Trail Survey, Design and Specification New Construction

Walking Trail Survey, Design and Specification

Walking Trail Survey, Design and Specification Event on 2017-10-10 09:00:00 This one day course provides learners with an introduction to processes and techniques which can be applied to plans and specifications for a new trail or an existing trail which require construction of a new trail surface. Learners will be able to demonstrate an understanding of what makes a trail fit for purpose and comment on common mistakes in trail design. This information is crucial in preparing a trail specification and identifying an indicative cost for a trail project. This course will be of particular interest to those involved with...
Commercial design - build and tenant finish construction New Construction

Commercial design – build and tenant finish construction

This newest location of the 9 ROUNDfranchisewas a first generation space. The crew,supervised by Chandlee partner, Jim Chandlee,installed the required plumbing and electrical; two heating and cooling units; framing, insulation, and drywall; doors and hardware; and finishedthe surface of the concrete floor. After the walls, doors and the ceiling were painted the project was turned over to the owner for stocking. It soon opened in Suite 900 at 3560 Browns Bridge Road. Chandlee and Sons Construction contracted with Dale Queen for the build-out of his franchise store, YOUR SERVE TENNIS, in the Haynes Bridge Market Place.The 1,200 square foot space...