Stained Glass – A Great Decorating Choice

Decorating your home with stained glass is easy and gives you a touch of elegance without the chaos of a full overhaul. Stained glass can be used in almost any room in the house, including the living room, dining room, entryway, kitchen, bedroom and office. Stained glass is even a nice touch in the bathroom.

Using Stained Glass In the Kitchen: Kitchen stained glass options include inserting panels into your kitchen cabinet doors. This adds a little touch of beauty to standard cabinets, but you can make it more glamorous by lighting the interior of the cabinet. Use custom panels of stained glass artwork in front of a kitchen window, or add smaller stained glass corners to the window. Large panels also make great wall art.

In the Living Room: Full and partial window panels also work great in the living room, as do pieces with mirrors included. Think about a stained glass fireplace screen if you love to watch the flames dance. Be sure you choose one with clear beveled pieces as well as colored panels - they'll act as prisms, casting sparkles from the firelight. More choices in the living room include stained glass chandeliers, lampshades, and candle holders. As long as they don't overwhelm the room, they're an excellent addition.

Dining Room Glass: If you have a dining room table to decorate, a large piece of sculptural stained glass is a centerpiece you know people will talk about. A small feeling or cramped dining room can be improved using wall pieces that include large mirrors. They'll reflect the room, increasing the apparent size.

In The Bedroom: Bedrooms can be decorated using stained glass items like jewelry boxes, candle holders, terrariums and more. Use mirrors to make the room look bigger, but don't over do it. Stained glass window ornaments and wall pieces can look great here, too.

Stained Glass In the Bathroom: Does the bathroom seem like an odd place to use stained glass for decorating? It shouldn't - this versatile and beautiful material makes great cabinet doors, mirror surrounds and bathroom windows. Use colored and textured glass pieces to allow light in without letting the outside world to see through your window.

Office Stained Glass: Incorporate stained glass drawer and cabinet fronts in the office, or use small accents and window panels to produce a more subtle effect.

Entryway Stained Glass: To give visitors a great first impression, consider using stained glass in your front door or in entryway sidelights. Stained glass also works well in panels over the door, or even as a doorbell cover.

If you want to add a unique and interesting touch to you home, stained glass is a great idea. There are lots of options available - talk to your local retailer or stained glass artist to find out more.

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