Spas On A Deck

Among the popular uses for a homes deck are a dining area, an outdoor sleeping area, party headquarters, and even an outdoor living room. Some homeowners even go so far as to have decks built complete with a fully functional outdoor kitchen and bar. Though these remain the most popular uses for decks there are several others that can provide homeowners with the same level of satisfaction and usefulness.

One use that homeowners often overlook, especially those who have swimming pools built into their home, is the spa area. Spas are generally located very close to swimming pools and even in homes without swimming pools, they are often located near the entryway. By placing the spa on their deck instead of a wood or stone slab, a homeowner not only gives their spa a dedicated space and boundaries but can also place a spa closer to their home so as to be more convenient when getting in and out. Homeowners will need to consider building materials however if they intend to put spas on a deck as wood and metal tend to rot and rust rather quickly when exposed to frequent moisture and heat. In the majority of cases most decks intended for spa use are built from vinyl so as to avoid the rotting and rusting mentioned previously.

In addition to giving a spa its own dedicated space and the conveniences that go along with that, homeowners can also improve the appearance of their home by placing their spa and deck in an area that is conducive to frequent usage and to an area that is eye-catching. By placing spas on decks homeowners can turn what is normally considered an eyesore into something that becomes the standout of their yard.

Many homeowners with spas prefer their time in their spa to be a private affair. Such individuals can utilize their decks or have a new one built specifically for privacy. A fence can go up around the deck or around the tub within its boundaries which will provide homeowners with plenty of privacy.

Once a homeowner and their contractor have a design set in place for their deck and a spa has been selected for purchase they can begin considering supportive measures. Hot tubs and the people in them can weigh thousands of pounds, a weight that even the strongest and sturdiest of decks will have a hard time supporting. Contractors will usually recommend that such decks be supported by concrete slabs and additional support beams. Such things will help avoid sagging, cracking and accidents on decks with spas on them. In addition to extra support for the deck itself any plumbing and electricity in use i will need to be protected to.

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