Spa Vacations in Thailand

Holidays in Thailand have been designed with relaxation in mind and most of the hotels and resorts offer the perfect getaway in luxurious settings for that memorable holiday you have been dreaming of. Of course those keen on a little bit of excitement during their vacations also have plenty of options to consider.

For those ideally on a holiday to get away from the bustle of the city and also interested in pampering their minds, spirits and souls, a Thai holiday provides the ideal opportunity through special spa vacations. One can even combine a spa vacation with a luxury holiday so as to indulge in the best of Thailand; especially considering Thai cuisine one would essentially want that to be the best part of the holiday.

Generally spa vacation packages include a range of treatments such as yoga sessions, spa treatments, meditation, and body ‘detox’ sessions. All these services are provided through specially trained therapists and hotels as well as individual spas provide a range of packages for you to choose from. Spa treatments generally include body massages, manicures, pedicures and facials. Treatments such as special Thai massages, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage and reflexology is also offered at these spas. Trained instructors are available for yoga and meditation sessions. Mastering these two ancient arts is essential for one’s wellbeing and can even be practiced once back at home.

Thai spa vacations are also known for their special bond with Mother Nature. Most of the facilities make most of the natural setting and also use natural ingredients in their oils and soaps. Tropical herbs, fruit and spices are generously used and Thais also use age-old time-tested recipes.

For those keen on something modern some of the facilities also feature Turkish baths, Jacuzzis, swimming pools and even treatment rooms for couples. All spas feature well trained masseurs and masseuses, and guarantee excellent service.

Enjoy these Thai luxuries at the various luxury hotels and resorts available throughout the country. Reservations can be made in advance through your online lodging option provider and for those keen on added amenities and facilities the perfect choice would be luxury hotel resorts in Thailand. For service, location, and exceptional choice of amenities try one of the Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas in Thailand.

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