Soundproof Construction: Do Only What’s Necessary

If you’ve moved into a new home, or new neighbors have moved into a home next door, you may be finding that things are no longer as quiet as you would like them to be. You can’t rebuild your home from the ground up with soundproof construction, but you can use some after-the-fact soundproof construction materials to insulate the rooms in it from the noisy surroundings. Depending on the seriousness of your noise problem, you can expect to shell out from less than $ 100 to thousands of dollars.

Windows Could Be The Key

The thousands of dollars in soundproof construction expenses will only happen if your situation is so bothersome that you decide to soundproof everything in a home–floors and ceilings, doors, and windows. But here’s a tip: start with your windows, if your noise problem is coming from outside your house. You can install soundproof windows using your existing window framing, and immediately eliminate as much as 95% of the problem.

If you just want soundproof construction which will keep noise from one part of your home from disturbing those in another part, consider soundproofing your doors. But don’t immediately run to the home improvement store and bring home the heaviest soundproof door you can find. Because soundproof doors are so heavy, your room’s existing framing may not be sturdy enough to handle one.

Heading for the home improvement store to first get some door seals and applying them is the best way to begin. The price of door seals will be a small fraction of that of soundproof doors, and while they might not completely deaden the noise getting into the room, they may do a good enough job to keep its occupants happy. And your room’s framing can remain as it is.

Floors Before Ceilings

If you’re considering soundproof construction to solve au upstairs/downstairs noise issue, soundproofing your downstairs ceilings or upstairs floors, or both, will take care of it. The easiest solution in terms of labor logistics is to add a layer of sound-dampening insulation to the upstairs floors; and it might be all you need to do. But performing some soundproof construction on your downstairs ceiling as well will ensure that the problem is fixed for good.

To add a finishing touch to all you heavy soundproof construction efforts, you can give your home’s interior a coat of soundproof paint. It will not only help deaden any sound traveling through thin walls; it will provide an insulating factor.

Save money by starting small with your soundproof construction and adding only what you need to until your home’s noise level is acceptable again. And do some comparison shopping online; you’ll be amazed both at the wide variety of soundproof construction options now available, and the wide range in their pricing!

There is no doubt that soundproof construction will take a lot of time and money, but you will be rewarded with a much quieter living space. Buying the highest quality is not always the best way to go, since there are more manufacturers out there making soundproof material, your options are endless. Be sure to keep online retailers in mind when shopping for materials.

You can also find more info on creating soundproof ceiling and soundproof construction soundproofing.

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