Some Great Options – When Purchasing New Construction

If you are like many people across the State of Florida, you may have found yourself very interested in purchasing Tampa Florida new construction real estate. In point of fact, when it comes to new homes in Tampa Bay there are a number of different options for you depending upon what your own housing goals and needs are at this point in time.

Naturally, one of the most common trends associated with new construction involves gated communities. Many real estate experts actually consider the State of Florida to be the birthplace of the gated community. True or not, in looking at new homes in Tampa Bay, there are numerous newborn gated communities sprouting up in and around this metropolitan area.

When it comes to new homes, there are many individual gated community concepts that are available to people like you who are seeking an appropriate residential community. For example, there are gated communities that have been developed specifically for men and women who are in what might best be described as The Golden Years. Similarly, there are other types of gated communities that cater to the needs of other categories of individuals from different walks of life.

When considering new construction in Tampa Bay, residences with a view remain highly sought after. And, the view that people want more often than not are properties with a water view. As was the case in years now gone by, development along waterfronts continues to a notable element of the overall new home construction in the region. Because of the prime nature of this real estate, more often than not such properties do come with a noticeable price tag. With the dip in the real estate market at the present time, there are some instances in which a home buyer can get his or her hands on new homes in the Tampa Bay area for a less than anticipated purchase price.

Another notable trend in regard to Tampa real estate involves residential developments with families in mind. When it comes to this type of new homes, the focus is on three primary factors: schools, safety and green space. These developments all include access to well regarded schools, have lower crime rates and have incorporated parks and other types of green space in their overall design and construction.

Of course, if you are interested in the purchase of a new home you will want to engage the services of a qualified and professional Tampa real estate agent. Such a professional can assist you in identifying the most appropriate new property or development that will best meet your own goals and housing objectives.

Lance Mohr is your Tampa real estate expert, with over 10 years of experience in real estate sales and 18 years of investing. He holds a real estate broker license in Florida, and is a member of top relocation firms. Lance can be reached at Please visit and add to your favorites section of your browser.


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