Skill Share Breakfast | Crowdfunding

Skill Share Breakfast | Crowdfunding
Event on 2017-09-14 08:30:00
Do you have a project or a product to finance and to get off the ground? Then you’ve come to the right place on wemakeit to start a pre-sale, to launch a new market test and to build your community. On Swizterland’s biggest crowdfunding platform, food-bikes get financed, new fair trade models get tested, biocompost projects get started and startups get launched. At the Skill Share Breakfast you will learn all about how crowdfunding works and how you should plan a successful campaign. You will have the opportunity to present your projects and ideas in plenary and to receive a constructive feedback in return.   About us wemakeit was founded in Switzerland in February 2012 and within very short time grew into one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in Europe. In addition to our offices in Zurich, Basel and Lausanne, we are also present in Vienna and Berlin. wemakeit speaks four languages (German / English / French / Italian), which allows us to reach an international community, providing ideal conditions to successfully fund your project! Sunita Maldonado works at wemakeit in the project consulting and the communication.

at Viadukt
Bogen D , Viadukstrasse 33
Zürich, Switzerland



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